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  1. ReverendNewman


    K, follow me on this. I have my 29er with tubeless Schwabble Big One's on it. I use this for just riding up and down the Spring Lake/Belmar/Asbury strip. Now these tires are pretty fat, albeit very small lugs. For less rolling resistance, should I switch to a thinner, "tubed" tire.? Or would a...
  2. ReverendNewman

    First time at Mercer.

    Sup guys, Where is the best place to park to jump on the trails. Don't know how technical it is so I want to start out slow and just do some exploring. Thanx.
  3. ReverendNewman

    Look what I saw at Allaire!

  4. ReverendNewman


    I was out on "Who gone and dunit". Just cruising along and came up on 4 wild turkeys. One Tom and 3 hens. The Tom was strutting his stuff and had a big red gobbler. Nice like greenish, purple feathers. A turkey hunters delight I'm sure. I pretty muched left them alone. I'll post some crappy...
  5. ReverendNewman


    Been to Mercer a few times for a festival. Drove down that long "driveway". Where is a good place to park to jump on the trails? Thanx.
  6. ReverendNewman

    Good job guys.

  7. ReverendNewman

    Beaching it today....

    .....who's with me?
  8. ReverendNewman

    Guess I'll hit the beach today.

    It's pouring up here in Springfield.
  9. ReverendNewman

    Killed it !!!

  10. ReverendNewman

    Big tree fall down hard.

    Anyone see this tree the fell down across the upper glass/white trail? About 50 yards when u turn in off the broken up gravel road. I'll personally help out to cut it outta the way.
  11. ReverendNewman


    What's the technicalness of this place. I basically like fast, unobstructed singletrack. I don't mind hills, sand, roots. I just don't want a whole day of it. My primary park is Allaire.
  12. ReverendNewman

    Look at this, arghhhhhh

    Use it 3 times, hit the release valve and the needle busted right off.
  13. ReverendNewman

    Fellow Fatheadss only!!!

    Who's with me on Tuesday & Wednesday???? Can I get an Amen in the house of God!!!
  14. ReverendNewman

    By the way.....

    I upgraded my rig from a Trek Farley 9.8 to the 9.9. Didn't think it would make such a huge difference, but wow, it did. I'll post some better photos tomorrow. But this thing is way sweet!!!
  15. ReverendNewman

    Snow ride.

    Allaire is sweet right now. A few bald spots, but once u get back it's nice sticky snow.
  16. ReverendNewman

    Trails are sweet right now.

  17. ReverendNewman

    Where was I? ???

  18. ReverendNewman

    Saturday Ride

    Suppose to be frigid on Saturday. Anyone riding?:shrug:
  19. ReverendNewman

    Get out here!

    It's beautiful out. Place is empty. Leave work early!
  20. ReverendNewman

    Am I stunod?

    How do I upload a photo? It's says choose photo, then when I drill down, select, it just looks like it's uploading, then nothing?