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  1. jklett

    Sourland spectacular is on

    Just saw that the sourland spectacular is on for this year! Running a little differently but on none the less.
  2. jklett

    Sixmile for sale?
  3. jklett

    Old sid race noise

    I have a maybe 10 year old sid race dual air fork that makes a knocking noise when I come down slightly off center(think coming off a root or rock on a turn). It sounds like the stanchions hitting the lowers or something, almost sounds like a spring fork. I've had it apart and there's nothing...
  4. jklett

    OOS(ish) round valley ride

    Starting at cushetunk lot at 9, it's a no drop but expect to climb.
  5. jklett

    Am I clairvoyant? - Annoying error - see alert.

    I think that I can see the future but only on this site and only about a minute or so ahead. Every once in a while, I'll see a new post and it'll say "in a minute" or something like that. Is this just me or should I open up a shop reading palms?
  6. jklett

    GT Laguna (Aggressor) pro rolling chassis SOLD!

    I'm selling my GT because I haven't ridden it much since getting an old steel hardtail 26er that fits me better. The frame is a GT Laguna pro size Medium, Sun Ringle Charger pro 27.5 wheels with a Maxxis Ardent 2.4 front and Continental x-king 2.2 rear, Manitou markhor 120mm fork, DMR 35mm...
  7. jklett

    WTB cheap 700c qr rear wheel

    Just want a reasonably straight qr rim brake rear wheel to use with my road bike for the trainer. Nothing fancy, the cheaper the better. Thanks.
  8. jklett

    Different setup for different parks

    So I'm well aware that no one setup can work great in a variety of places but what changes would you make for different types of terrain? I'm not talking about changing parts, I'm asking about stuff like tire pressure, shock/fork settings, even possibly stuff like bar height or lever angles. For...
  9. jklett

    Doesn't keep me logged in

    It might be some screw up on my end but all of the sudden I've been getting logged out all the time. Before I wouldn't have to log back in every time I close my browser but that's not the case now. Is there a setting that I need to check or something? It's not the end of the world but it is a...
  10. jklett

    WTF is this??!?!?

    This came across one of my kids' Pinterest feeds and she showed me and asked if anyone I know rides something like that.
  11. jklett

    What is a "Fred"?

    Title says it all. I had some guy call me a f-ing Fred when I was passing him and he acted all mad when I said that's not my name. What does that mean? I'm assuming it's supposed to be some sort of insult?
  12. jklett

    New Bike Day!

    I went and done it, I got a funny looking bike with skinny tires. I have a bunch of dialing in to do but it seems good so far. It's a few years old(2013) but it's practically brand new. The nubbies are still on the tires and the brakes aren't bedded in yet. Now I can ride when the trails are...
  13. jklett

    My path to en"light"enment

    In the spirit of arangov3's thread(this is the end), this is going to be a chronicle of my journey from a seriously out of shape lump to a normal sized person. I don't have a hard target I'm shooting for, the real goal of this is to give me some accountability for my actions (or inactions...
  14. jklett

    NX cranks, 175mm(sold)

    SRAM NX cranks, 175mm GXP with 32 tooth chainring. Used with some scratches but otherwise excellent condition. I picked up a set in 165 on someone's recommendation and I like the feel of the short cranks much better so these are up for sale at $50 obo. I'm 5 minutes from sixmile run, local...
  15. jklett

    New bike (to me) day!

    My friend asked me if I wanted an old bmx bike. How can anyone say no to that?
  16. jklett

    Always the last thing you check

    Towards the end of the ride today I felt something loose. I thought it was the headset so I put the bike in the stand and dropped the wheels to start going over everything. Long story short, it wasn't the headset so I completely stripped the whole bike down to check everything. Many hours later...
  17. jklett

    Felt like a little kid again

    So I was trying to teach my youngest daughter to ride (coast) down the driveway and I saw an old cinder block sitting by the barn. I started to tell her that when I was a kid, all it took was a cinder block and a piece of plywood and we would be busy all day. She didn't quite get it so of course...