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  1. Mildly Wild

    HIghlands Trail question

    I know the HIghlands Trail (HT) is off limits to bikes, but I also had heard that when another (mtb) legal trail runs concurrent with the HT, that stretch of trail is OK to ride for the length of concurrence. Anyone know if this is true? Not sure where to go for an answer to this.
  2. Mildly Wild

    Brandywine Creek State Park

    GF and I going to Philly this weekend to see the Simeone Auto Museum. We would like to try Brandywine St Park while we're in the area. I am looking at the DE state parks website for this park, but it shows only about 5 miles of trails legal for biking. There are also a bunch of unmarked trails...
  3. Mildly Wild

    GoPro Mounts

    Got a new go Pro for my birthday (yay!!). Trying to decide on mount. I am leaning towards the "chesty" chest mount because I generally don't like the view resulting from the top helmet mount, and also don't want camera (and my head maybe) to get knocked off by low branch. Thoughts on this...
  4. Mildly Wild

    Stuck post in carbon frame

    My seat post is frozen in my carbon framed Trek 9.7, What's worse, it's a dropper post that occasionally needs disassembly and cleaning to function. Anyone have experience with un-freezing a post in a carbon frame? Don't know if I can use the usual stuff (WD-40, PB Blaster, heat/cold). Any help...
  5. Mildly Wild

    Stewart closed for big game season

    Nov 17 thru Dec 9 Stewart SF closed to all except licensed hunters for regular deer (firearm) season.
  6. Mildly Wild


    Looking to buy a Go-Pro vid camera. Know little about these so any input would be appreciated. Thnx, MW
  7. Mildly Wild


    Anyone been to Stewart recently? Conditions?
  8. Mildly Wild

    Ferber Circle Heads Up

    Parked at circle at top of Cherry Ridge Rd Sunday. After riding for 2 hrs, I came back to find very polite note on my windshield. It stated: (paraphrased) Dear Hikers and Bikers, please drive slow when entering and exiting. Many of the locals are walkers and dog walkers and want to feel safe on...
  9. Mildly Wild

    How many can you check off?
  10. Mildly Wild

    Rocky Point LI

    GF and I took a ride out to this park on Long Island last Sunday. (Very) fun park with much mileage available (17+). Great well maintained trail system. Sort of a cross between 6 Mile and Allaire. Lots of tight swervy single track with moguls thrown in. Don't know why they all it Rocky Point...
  11. Mildly Wild

    Conditions at Stewart?

    Anyone been here recently?
  12. Mildly Wild

    Stuck seat post

    GF's bike has alum seat post seized up in frame (also alum). Any tips on how to get this loose?
  13. Mildly Wild

    Hayes Stroker Gram brakes

    Keep seeing these on sale at Price Point for a good price. Anyone have experience with these?
  14. Mildly Wild

    Where is Tiger Blood?

    Keep seeing this trail referenced in posts. I ride MD 5-6 x a yr and know most trails fairly well. Where is this?
  15. Mildly Wild

    Stewart in the Snow

    Good riding at Stewart today with about 3"-4" of new snow:D. Surprisingly, mine were the only bike tracks I saw for the first hr of riding. No fat bikes, no nothing except one other single set of bike tracks on the southern end of the park. Snow was on the wet side so a bit more effort was...
  16. Mildly Wild

    Feedback needed: Hitch Mount Bike Racks

    Thinking of buying the girlfriend a light duty trailer hitch for her car and a hitch mount bike rack. I think the only hitch available for her (small) car is a CL I w/a 1.25" sq hitch mount. I would like to get some feedback on this - both the hitch and the rack. One of the things I am concerned...
  17. Mildly Wild

    Been shot out of any cannons lately?|latest-auto-news|content
  18. Mildly Wild

    SOS Race at Stewart 7/27/14

    S.O.S. Mtn. Bike Challenge Stewart State Forest Newburgh, N.Y. Date: Sunday, July 27, 2014 REGISTER ONLINE! This race is part of the 2014 New York State Mountain Bike Series. The Bicycle Doctor of Middletown, N.Y. will be hosting a benefit race for the "Steward's of Stewart" (SOS) as...
  19. Mildly Wild

    Twist grip

    Anyone know, can sram twist grip (rear) shifter be made to work with shimano rear derailer?
  20. Mildly Wild

    Stewart Forest Bike Tour June 1

    Stewart State Forest Bike Tour to benefit SPARC is tomorrow June 1, 9AM. SPARC is the group that saved Stewart from development. Advance reg is over but day of the event sign up is available. Bike the Buffer to Benefit SPARC The Stewart State Forest Bike Tour to benefit the work of...