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  1. Rusty

    Lost Dog - keep an eye out!
  2. Rusty

    WTB: Cheap, ugly, but mechanically sound college bike

    Kid is at UMD and bikes that are pretty or of a big name brand get jacked regularly. We are shooting for old, ugly, but good working order. Large or XL Commuter, gravel, mountain, road - doesn't matter, just needs a few gears and brakes that work. Did I mention cheap? Clean out the garage...
  3. Rusty

    I have your lost pump!

    If you lost a pump on the upper blue, specifically ON the bridge by Conover road, I have it.
  4. Rusty

    PSA on the Rain - and how to know how much it has rained everywhere

    Have posted before, but given Mother Natures current onslaught..... careful of the ads, these are the buttons that you use to navigate (not the blue links at top, but a bit further down the page): you can change the time...
  5. Rusty

    Have - or know someone who has - a Blue Heeler?

    aka Australian Cattle Dog with the 'blue' coat...looking for someone who owns one Got a reason, will reveal here if I find someone here. oooh the mystery.
  6. Rusty

    Mercer County Park Deer Hunt

    Info here on hunt dates and on sections of the park that will be used by hunters, including a significant closure of the woods north of the lake. Its been many years since we had to be concerned about hunters here, so I thought I would post this...
  7. Rusty

    Rhode Island Choices

    Burlingame? Arcadia? Big River/Carr Pond? Those are my choices for next friday...any opinions?
  8. Rusty

    Poisoned by geography

    So, I'm interested in the reaction to this, sort of wwyd (note I have kids and dogs) In the last 4 consecutive days prior to this rain, neighbor arranged for the following: Day 1 - Used an entire gallon spray jug of Round Up on the weeds in the goofy garden thing in the middle of our cul de...
  9. Rusty

    2015 Trek Domane 2.0C - Like New Road Bike - SOLD

    Bike was ridden for a grand total of 184.3 miles, all documented on Strava. Barely used, garage kept, near perfect condition. All stock and exactly like the picture/specs in the link below, except for the bars and stem which were swapped out during a fitting by Jay at Halters. Bike is a 54cm...
  10. Rusty

    Connect the Circuit Can't stop exploring this map today...
  11. Rusty

    Stupid Strava Tricks

    1. Found this today, used a url from a recent nice day at Allaire and found it hilarious. (pick a busy day and check all the ppl it finds, then run the flyby) 2. and have been enjoying the data in too... anyone have others?
  12. Rusty

    WTB - Vintage Wrestling Shoes

    Going out on a limb with this crowd, however, my son is adamant about finding these....we are looking for vintage Nike OG Inflict Wrestling shoes, preferably in size 9, preferably in Black with a gold/yellow swoosh... Minor finders fee (6 pack? park tour?) for helping me find these....
  13. Rusty

    Western Mass, Western CT

    It's official, my oldest is going to attend UMass in Amherst next year. I'll be going there off and on and am looking for the best sources of info (like this site) that covers the I84 corridor between Danbury and Hartford, then the I91 area up to Amherst....and anything within an hours drive...
  14. Rusty

    Who is this Mystery Man?

    Well, for years, been wondering who it is who decorates the little pine tree on the trail in Mercer that runs near the paved walking path west of the west picnic area. Well, today I had an oppty...had the gopro (a rare occurance) on and passed the dude, bag of ornaments and garland in hand on...
  15. Rusty

    Triathalon 2014
  16. Rusty

    Thule Frame Adapter I have one of these nearly new (really used once). Will meet at Mercer, Clayton, Allaire or 6Mile and this can be yours for a low low $15. Perfect for those...
  17. Rusty

    Camping/biking with the kid - Lehigh Gorge/Jim Thorpe

    Just booked a trip to the Lehigh Gorge/Hickory Run State Park with just me and my 12 year old (turns 12 in early Sept)....Sept 5th-8th The plan is to camp at Hickory Run State Park (been there before, nice place) and we'll be using one of the shuttle services out of Jim Thorpe to try out some...
  18. Rusty

    Small Fetish Cycles Hardtail for Sale

    Posted to help out my buddy...will help connect u, PM me your contact info if interested. post up if you have questions. "I am selling my custom built mountain/trail bike. I love the bike but I'm letting it go to indulge my surfing habit. It has a small aluminum Fetish frame and all nice...
  19. Rusty

    Raystown advice

    OK, (bragging) headed to Raystown mid month...totally looking forward to it and have read every word on line about the place, etc. I really have just two open questions. has anyone had good luck with a dinner spot in huntington or nearby that stands out (sounds like few good food options)...
  20. Rusty

    Ceres this morning

    Had a fine time in the woods at Ceres today. Was a nice way to round out my week of riding, to check out a new (to me) park. I'll agree a map (and better trail marking) of this place would be infinitely helpful as it is like a spiderweb of trails in places. But, whoa is this place fun. Good...