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  1. arod745li

    converting single speed roadbike into geared

    Whats up mtbnj. I have a country road bob vandessel ss roadbike. I would like to convert it to a 1by10. The bike has a derailur hanger. I dont know how to go about doing it. I would imagine i just need a rear derailur and a shifter. MY buddy tells me, i have to change the rim in the rear. The...
  2. arod745li

    stolen roof rack taken off of my car!

    just putting this out there for people to know i have a 2011 honda civic sedan and i woke up yesterday to my friend texting me asking if i took my roof rack off of my car i then rush to the window and discover my roof thule roof rack was taken right off of my car even haveing been locked on the...
  3. arod745li

    looking for a good road bike to buy

    hey guys i live in haledon nj i am 5"8 and i am looking for a road bike anyone selling one?
  4. arod745li

    i raced campmore today

    hey guys new to this site just started rideing mtb and i raced at campmore today in upstate ny ranked 2nd place in my age category i like it pretty happy must work harder on the street now for endurance i live in haledon nj and i usually ride 18 miles on the road every other day if anyone around...