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  1. Firulay1

    First time at Ringwood

    I will like to ride Ringwood for first time, I'm intermidate rider and getting back on shape. I heard that parking lot C will be a good one to start. Any suggestion for a loop ,I will like to try Skyland trail. I heard that is very easy to get lost there.
  2. Firulay1

    Sourland condition

    Anyone knows conditions of sourland today
  3. Firulay1

    Sourland conditions

    Anybody knows is sourland it will be good for riding tomorrow
  4. Firulay1

    Kuat TRIO vs thule thruride

    Which bike rack you will recommend, I have a Giant trance 29er,
  5. Firulay1

    Chimmey Rock route advice

    I did ride cr last year and I did the red, blue and white trails, I'm planning to do the yellow and orange orange trails soon, which way you recommend to do clockwise or counter-clockwise way