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  1. pooriggy

    Shimano XC700 MTB SHOES 10.5

    I ordered the wrong size, I tried to break them in but my toes cried mercy. I used them for about a month, but there still like new. $40 Shimano XC700 MTB SHOES EU 45 US 10.5
  2. pooriggy

    Chimney Rock Conditions

    Nothing sustained and conditions have been dry, so it's not bad now. However there are chances of chances throughout the night and morning. Best to make a game day decision.
  3. pooriggy

    What Bird Did You See Today?

    Was he doing high boat, like this?
  4. pooriggy

    *sold* Silca T-Handle set - $100

    Too sandy.
  5. pooriggy

    New to the forum

    Glad you jumped in. Group rides are not around much these days due to the virus but should start picking up. It's a great way to meet people and learn about mtbing. MTBNJ is good as well but face time is always better. Welcome Chris/Iggy
  6. pooriggy

    Allaire Beginners Weekly Ride

    I think this should start up again, just practice distancing. A lot of beginners are riding these days, it would be a good place to meet people and learn the sport.
  7. pooriggy

    White water kayaks- free to a good home (no longer available)

    You're too big for a white water kayak. You need a touring kayak.
  8. pooriggy

    Essex County

    Basically the same thing, politics. Union county freeholders don't care about mtbing or trails in general. Watchung Res is a disgrace. There was a push to legalize mtbing at Watchung and implement new trails but the freeholders put an end to it when local residents and political backers opposed...
  9. pooriggy

    From Zero Fitness to BWR - Comeback Story of 2020

    We have your money and you don't race.
  10. pooriggy

    The (unofficial) Tour de Fat

    I'm 100% work from work.
  11. pooriggy

    The (unofficial) Tour de Fat

    Is this Matt DeFelice? If so Bill works with Matt.
  12. pooriggy

    (4) Racing Ralph's 29er

    Thanks, I'm looking for 2.35.
  13. pooriggy


    Awareness comes about when people speak up. Currently I don't see any type of push for people to wear helmets on trails. It's not against the law to not wear a helmet and some folks simply don't know you should wear a helmet. Lately there are a lot more first timers on bikes in the woods not...
  14. pooriggy


    Thanks. I'll take it.
  15. pooriggy


    You'd have to be in a dope daze to pay $500 for that garage sale give-away. Welcome.
  16. pooriggy


    People usually don't think about safety until they get hurt or they know someone that got hurt. Recently I was on a ride where someone got hurt, so here is my PSA. I'll start off by saying the most important piece of equipment to have is a helmet. Wear a helmet. It's not enough to just own a...
  17. pooriggy

    (4) Racing Ralph's 29er

    Will take if they're 2.3.
  18. pooriggy

    Happy Birthday @rottin' ?

    Happy bday Brian! Ride bikes, drink beers, get layed... It's your b-day.
  19. pooriggy

    WTB Kayak Stuff.

    NRS is a good supplier of kayak stuff. This group is like MTBNJ but on water and they sell shit.
  20. pooriggy

    Chimney Rock Conditions

    True. However the more you do the less frustrating it becomes. Living in Cranford, I'm not real close to trails but not real far either. I can ride sand or rocks within 45 min of my house. I enjoy mixing it up.