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    Wharton Conditions Clean up work from last week's storms has started. We worked a long portion of Smell Sour Road (green double track) and some of the PBT today. Picture of Jim (everyone in sNJ knows Jim) hand sawing thru a large oak is attached. You're...
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    Pinelands Speaker Series

    "Beginning in early June, the New Jersey Pinelands Commission will host free Pinelands-themed webinars as part of the Pinelands Speaker Series." "'Based on the popularity of our past educational programs, we know how much the public loves the Pinelands and wants to learn more about the...
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    Would you report moto use if you were unsure if it was illegal? i need 50 votes/opinions please.

    Penn, Belleplain, Bass River, Brendan Byrne, and Wharton State Forests all have legacy public sand roads. Unless otherwise marked, the sand roads can be used by licensed motorized vehicles. Motorized vehicles are not allowed on the hiking or bicycling trails. All the usual regs are used in the...
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    Going Postal?!

    Went on-line to buy stamps and saw that the USPS will soon be selling an "Enjoy the Great Outdoors" stamp book w/ one stamp featuring a mountain biker. Even though the rider is on two lane blacktop, and rolling thru what appears to be Mars or maybe even the painted desert, it's still a nice...
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    May 2nd, sunrise...

    I'm guessing that was a joke. :) Wear the tallest socks you can find and spray them down good. Don't stop and don't put your feet down until you arrive at the next sand road. The worst part of tick season (because of the nymph ticks) is mid-August to late September. Explore the sand and gravel...
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    Trails behind Silvi Concrete plant

    The trail along the creek from Nomahegan Park was wonderful back in the day.
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    Atsion Ranger Lot...

    If you have the time, the legs, and a sense of adventure, a longer more scenic fun ride from Atsion to the PBT. From Atsion, turn left onto the RR line. (CAUTION: Carefully walk the bike across the RR trestles. RR ties are missing.) Turn right onto that small sand road before reaching High...
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    Estell Manor Conditions

    From @J_Cooke "All singletrack MTB trails at Estell Manor have been cleared. Please thank and support your local JORBA volunteers by joining or making a donation."
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    Bike shops can still operate with closed / locked doors.

    ‘72 to ‘76 is when we had a klunker crew. Riding the sand roads In the area. And then riding out to the beaches in AC and Brigantine.
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    Bike shops can still operate with closed / locked doors.

    In the early ‘70s, the local h/w store in EHC would have all their lower end shotguns and rifles chained up, on display in a barrel in the aisle. The large sharp cutlery was hanging up by the shelves. But that was long before anyone put compasses in the handle of anything. I was there because...
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    Bike shops can still operate with closed / locked doors.

    Did you then start collecting knives, axes, swords and other large pieces of sharp metal? 😅
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    Trinity Bible Church

    Call Wally, he’ll get you the hookup.
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    Belleplain SF Conditions

    I walked my dogs down a neighborhood street this morning and pulled ticks off of all of us.
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    May 2nd, sunrise...

    As directed by WSF staff, this piney has been staying home and riding his backyard trails. I read on another forum that the SPP and the Troopers had to search and rescue some folks. Do you know if they were the MTBers? Either way, I'm guessing they were shoobies, not pineys. Pineys call a...
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    May 2nd, sunrise...

    From the Wharton State Forest Facebook page.
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    May 2nd, sunrise...

    All the usual tadpole ponds will be full. The trails should be dry by Saturday afternoon. If you find yourself riding in a wet sand slurry, please take @Davesnhere advice and ride the double track. You'll likely encounter blowdowns and brush. And ticks. Spray up, the ticks are out. maps...
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    Biggest crash in stock market history?

    It has been said in this string before. Go for the dividends if you don't have the time or the stomach for the volatility.
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    E-bikes are a thing

    mo-ped slim want.
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    Bike shops can still operate with closed / locked doors.

    A friend worked at a local big box store while in high school. The manager put him in charge of bicycle assembly his second week on the job. He didn't learn anything about bicycles until he got his first Trek MTB twenty years later. Several month's later he bought his son's first bicycle at a...