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  1. V-Dub

    Creek opening weekend

    If there is any lightning around they will stop the lift.
  2. V-Dub

    Jungle Habitat Conditions

    The park has been busy. The trend seams to be mtb riders in the morning and after lunch a lot of hikers, dog walkers and other random people. The trails are in great shape
  3. V-Dub

    Jungle Habitat Conditions

    Rumor has it the parks will be open this weekend, stay out of the mud keep your distance and enjoy it!
  4. V-Dub

    body armour

    I recently got a new pair of Pearl Izumi knee pads and find them super light and easy to pedal in
  5. V-Dub

    2020 gravity season

    I think it's safe to say that they don't want anyone one their trails unless the park is open
  6. V-Dub

    Hamburg WMA

    So we stopped maintaining the trails up there when the State cut off or limited access from the lift, that and several Sparten races make the trails pretty hard to ride. There is a lot of double track to explore though. I've heard of some people getting ticketed up there recently so be careful...
  7. V-Dub

    Wawayanda Park Officially Closed 4/7/2020

    Just to put it out there Newark Watershed has always been closed to MTB
  8. V-Dub

    Jungle Habitat Conditions

    It was the hand sanitize I was going for
  9. V-Dub

    Jungle Habitat Conditions

    The state locked up the portajon.....sadface
  10. V-Dub

    Jungle Habitat Conditions

    It was a little wet today but should be just fine for the rest of the weekend. Hold back from stealing the TP from the portajon
  11. V-Dub

    Single speed conversion - tensioner?

    The Yess tensioners are the best, Paul makes an eccentric the works with threaded bb brilliantly (expensive). By a good chain, the breaking thing. I'm currently having very good luck with XTR chains
  12. V-Dub

    2020 DH tire thread

    Maxxis DHF and DHR, double down casing with Vittoria Airliner inserts
  13. V-Dub

    Jungle Habitat Conditions

    go ahead and ride it, there seams to be a portajon in the parking lot now so enjoy!
  14. V-Dub

    Ringwood Rumble, plus Enduro ---- what??? And a MTB Fondo ????

    No sell it and get a longer travel bike
  15. V-Dub

    Wawayanda State Park Conditions

    I like that you call it art
  16. V-Dub

    Critique my Wawayanda Loop

    For your target audience it may be better to start over by the boat launch and go up Pump house to South end then up Timber. There's generally a little less tech on that side of the park
  17. V-Dub

    Jungle Habitat Conditions

    Depending on how much snow we get it should be ok by Saturday afternoon and Sunday looks game on
  18. V-Dub

    New Feature: Trailforks Integration at the park level

    The thing is it's not 4 - 8 weeks a year the weather and frozen, muddy, icy, snow slush, crappy damn conditions start around Thanksgiving. So people could be(should be) checking conditions for much longer.
  19. V-Dub

    New to Jersey

    What he said, learn to love the rocks it's worth it