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  1. Dominique

    Rothrock TrailMix - Canceled

    Happy Valley Biking 12 hrs We regret to inform everyone that due to low pre-registration, the Rothrock TrailMix, scheduled for June 8, 2019, has been cancelled. After reviewing the number of pre-registered riders, we've determined that it would not be fair to our volunteers, our EMS support...
  2. Dominique

    Mandatory Bike Class to Get Drivers License in Australia

    That's an interesting concept.
  3. Dominique

    Camping close to kid-friendly MTB trails?

    We are looking to go camping with the kids on the July 29-31 weekend. In the past few years, we've been to Swartswood state park, which was great but if I remember correctly doesn't have many MTB trails. Does anyone have suggestions for a camping place that's not too far from Warren (1-3 hours...
  4. Dominique

    H2H Races

    The first H2H race is coming up soon. Go and enjoy a nice flowy course! MAYHEM RETURNS IN 2016... as Race #1 in the H2H MTB Race Series! There are some additions and modifications to the categories but other than that Mayhem remains the...
  5. Dominique

    Zackees Turn Signal Gloves

    Thoughts on this? ZACKEES™ TURN SIGNAL GLOVES™ $69.95 Free Shipping in USA 2 sets of rechargeable coincell batteries and a charger included Zackees’ award-winning Turn Signal Gloves are the latest, must-have safety innovation for cyclists. Simply press your thumb to...
  6. Dominique

    Young Juniors to have their own race at 8:30 am in MAC series

    I think this is a great way to get the young kids involved! From: MAC Cross 15 hrs · We've got a lot of great changes in store for the MAC this year. Stay tuned this week for daily announcements about the series and a published technical guide. #1 There is now a separate young juniors (9-14)...
  7. Dominique

    Marty's April Women's Road Ride

    From Nikki Ragonese: Happy Spring! The monthly intermediate women’s ride for this month unfortunately falls on Easter. However, I will still be leading a shorter ride this Sunday for anyone who is available on Easter morning. The ride will be this Sunday April 5th leaving from the Loantaka...