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  1. robmaurizi

    Dunkerhook parking?

    Hey folks- Wondering if any of the Bergen County folk know about the parking situation for the Saddle River path at Dunkerhook? I'm thinking I could shave a few miles off my daily driving commute and park at one of those lots and bike the rest of the way to work in Ridgewood... Would it be...
  2. robmaurizi

    NJ Mountain Bike Festival

    Fantastic event yesterday, folks.. My boys had a blast and we'll most definitely be checking out Ringwood again! Thanks to everyone who put in the hard work to make it happen, and we're looking forward to the next one :-)
  3. robmaurizi

    Another Noob Intro!

    Thanks, everyone for your replies and the infos. We were in Allaire this weekend, and everyone had a blast. Amazing the difference between the north & south sides of that place, but we're already planning to head back in a couple of weeks to explore more of the south beyond Orange & Blue (and a...
  4. robmaurizi

    Another Noob Intro!

    You're not the first person to mention saints and my wife in the same sentence! Yeah, I put the MTB fest on the calendar so hopefully we'll make it up there and check it out. And I'll certainly take the team out to check out Patriot's Path.. Is that the part that crosses the yellow trail right...
  5. robmaurizi

    Another Noob Intro!

    @MadisonDan Thanks for the tip.. I think camping might be out that weekend, but I'll see who's up for a day trip and check it out!
  6. robmaurizi

    Another Noob Intro!

    Hi everyone! I'm Rob and I'm new here... I grew up in Jersey then left for the greener mountains of Vermont for school (vowed never to come back), but alas... Been back in the Jerz now for 13 years. I live in Montclair with my wife & 4 boys, and like many it seems on here, am just now getting...