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  1. CrankAddictRich

    MTB bike sizing general question

    If someone were buying a new bike and they were right on the line between a medium and a large, what size would you recommend? On the road side of things, I'd say go with the smaller bike, if both can be fit the same.... but it seems like the MTB trend is longer reach across all sizes, as it...
  2. CrankAddictRich

    FS :: Shimano XT M8000 11-46 cassette

    BNIB Shimano XT M8000 11-46 cassette. Bought this from UK, but decided to go a different direction for my drivetrain setup. Its not very cost effective to send it back to UK, so maybe I can sell it here. $60 or trade for like 11-42.
  3. CrankAddictRich

    FS: Suntour Raidon Fork $75

    Selling a used Suntour Raidon Fork 27.5+/29" Boost Suspension fork, 120mm, 15x110, tapered steerer.. $75... been sitting in my basement for 2 years. Black and red with gold stanchion tubes Will post pictures later today.
  4. CrankAddictRich

    FS: MTB Shoe Sale

    Clearing out some MTB Shoes. Giro Riddance Mid -flat pedal shoe, size 43. Grey with Vibram sole. $60 Specialized 2FO - flat pedal shoe,SOLD Black with blue details, slipknot sole. SOLD Specialized Tahoe Sport MTB SPD shoe - SPD clipless shoes, size 43, black with Vibram sole. $40
  5. CrankAddictRich

    Sram/Shimano 11 speed cassette variability?

    Hey guys... I have a friend that got a wheel set that is Shimano free hub. His current bike is running 11 speed SRAM with an XD driver? Does he have to get the older SRAM 11 speed non-XD cassette, or will any Shimano 11 speed cassette work?
  6. CrankAddictRich

    Trade: 27.5+ wheel set for 29'er wheel set

    Does anyone have a take off set of 29'er trail wheels.... preferably from their stock Specialized bike, that they'd like to trade for a set of stock 27.5+ wheels that came on my Fuse? Maybe you have a StumpJumper 29'er or Enduro 29'er that you're running aftermarket wheels on and the stock...
  7. CrankAddictRich

    FS : 2017 Specialized Enduro Comp 29'er, size M

    For Sale :: 2017 Specialized Enduro Comp 29'er, size medium... asking $1750. That's right, this beauty of a bike could be yours for $1750, maybe even less if you offer the right number. The bike is used, but in good condition. It has relatively new (18 hours of use) 29x2.6" Butcher Black Diamond...
  8. CrankAddictRich

    2017 Specialized Enduro Comp 29'er

  9. CrankAddictRich

    Helyar Woods?

    Has anyone ever ridden Helyar Woods at the Rutgers gardens? it is a small-ish trail system that has access points from the Rutgers Gardens parking lot but also from a surrounding neighborhood (supposedly). I always thought the trail system was hikers only, but today when I was there wit my...
  10. CrankAddictRich

    brake disc swip-swap questions

    So... I have two bikes now that allow me to swap wheels... a Specialized Fuse 6Fattie and an Enduro Comp 29'er. Both bikes allow the option to run either tire/wheel size, but I've got some questions about swapping around. Currently the Enduro has SRAM Guide R's with 200mm F and 180mmR. It has...
  11. CrankAddictRich

    MTB WC's Bike Porn!

    wow... Shimano sent out an email this morning with a link to a post continuing a bunch of pics of their sponsored riders' rigs at the WC's this past weekend... some amazing bike porn. I've posted a bunch of the overall bike pics, but there are detail shots of every rig, plus more bikes that I...
  12. CrankAddictRich

    27.5 tube question

    I'm on a 27.5+ bike and currently tubeless... I'm trying to minimize what I carry, to go backless and recently picked up a Speedsleev Ranger+. I tried to fit a 27.5+ tube in here and it was a tight squeeze. Is it possible to pack a 27.5 "non-plus" tube to use in a pinch? Thanks in advance.
  13. CrankAddictRich

    FS :: RaceFace Next SL carbon seat post

    For Sale :: RaceFace Next SL Carbon seat post. 30.9x400mm. I picked up this seat post in Dec. of 2016 for my Fatboy... swapped it on and rode that bike all through the winter before putting it away, once road season began. Sold the Fatboy in Oct. 2017 and took the seat post off. Its been in my...
  14. CrankAddictRich

    Fork tuning and Volume reducer ??

    Hey guys.. I've got a question and I'm hoping the locals can give me some help. So I just recently got my Fuse all set up with the Rockshox Pike fork and XT bits and pieces and now I'm trying to dial it in a little bit more. I've watched a bunch of videos explaining the different adjustments for...
  15. CrankAddictRich

    XT M8000 crank + chainring

    Selling a brand new, in-box, Shimano XT M8000 crank and chainring. The crank is 175mm and the chainring is 34T. It is brand never, never installed. It came as part of a group set of XT M8000 parts that I just put on my Fuse.. I had to order a separate crank and chainring for the boost set up. I...
  16. CrankAddictRich

    Converting 10 to 11 speed

    Hey guys... I just picked up a 2015 Fuse Comp 6Fattie. It has a mix of SRAM drivetrain components (X5 shifter and X7 RD and Sunrace 11-40, 10 speed cassette) and TRP Slate T4 front and X2 rear brakes. It all seems to work o-k, but noting really works greats. The brakes stop but seem to be a...
  17. CrankAddictRich

    2016 Fatboy Comp - 686 edition

    I'm tossing around the idea of selling my 2016 Specialized Fatboy Comp in 686 Satin Navy Haze... bike is basically stock, except converted to tubeless. Comes with 3 tubes. :), Size M. here are some pics when it was new, last year. Its got roughly 600 miles on it, a fair bit of those are local...
  18. CrankAddictRich

    FS :: 2016 Scott Spark 740 full-sus

    Hey guys... posting this for a friend to see if anyone is interested. He's a roadie (like me) and realized that he'd just prefer to ride his fatty on off-road days, so he's trying to slim down his bike choices. If anyone is interested, let me know an I'll put you in touch with him on Facebook or...
  19. CrankAddictRich

    Fatbike crank options?

    Hey guys.. I think i already know the answer, but I figured I;d check in with the experts just to confirm. I'm on a Fatboy. Am I correct that there aren't many options on the market when it comes to upgrading/changing the crank? My bike currently has the Raceface Turbine cinch and I was...
  20. CrankAddictRich

    WOW! LewMo, way to go!

    Myself and a good buddy went to Lewis Morris today and had a fantastic time. The trails were great and the terrain was awesome. All of the guys and gals that work hard to maintain it deserve a pat on the back. We got a little mixed up at some point and somehow ended up in Jocky Hollow at first...