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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    watch out on the back end of Orange. There are two old fence posts that are sticking out of the ground about 2 inches with the to being very sharp. Ran into someone in the lot who shredded a tire on them. They were marked by logs.
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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    Rode this morning. Perfect conditions. Wish I was still there!
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    So Underrated!

    This is definitely an under-rated park. I have been going the last few weekends, getting there around 8am and it is a ghost town. It is small but you can do a few loops and change it up each time to not get bored. It definitely is a roller coaster experience in the back. Lots of fun.
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    JORBA Open Membership Page

    Getting back in the saddle after many years off. Joined last week and just got my shirt/stickers. Looking forward to getting involved. Thank you everyone for all of your efforts!
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    Clayton Park Conditions

    Road this morning. Dry. Great conditions