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  1. martin

    [SOLD] - : Hell of Hunterdon - 1 entry

    Folks - I'm selling my entry ticket to HoH. I broke my toe playing soccer and I can't do the ride. I'm signed up in the Open category Anyone looking to ride and want my ticket?
  2. martin

    Yowapeda - An anime about cycling

    So I stumbled upon this anime about cycling, and holy cow is it good. Really enjoyable and makes you want to ride quite a bit. :D Give it a try if you're bored, you will most likely be surprised at how...
  3. martin

    Bucks County Covered Bridge Tour - 2013 edition

    I just signed up for the hilly 63 miler. Last time I rode it was a great day, good food, nice people. Anyone else joining me on Oct 20th?
  4. martin

    neat trials competition
  5. martin

    falcon VS mtn biker i thought it would be very cheesey at first but i actually enjoyed it :D
  6. martin

    it's just so smooth
  7. martin

    [Sat 9am] fort lee to bear mtn 80miler

    hey all, i'm riding from fort lee to bear mtn and back this sat 11th. if you're looking for an 80 miler with some elevation give me a shout this is the route
  8. martin

    chris akrigg - five dammmnnnnn good rider and funny vid
  9. martin

    anyone going to VeloFest?

    just got an email about this today i've never been nor heard of it, anyone have good/bad reviews of it?
  10. martin

    211watts for 7hrs

    is what it takes to win at the pro level. :drooling:
  11. martin

    NJ > PA crossing near philly?

    Can anyone point me towards a good place to cross the river on a road bike? I live in 08053 and would like to get more than 50' of elevation out of a ride. Preferably without riding through Camden. :p
  12. martin

    admin assistant in Manhattan

    if you or anyone you know/trust is looking let me know.
  13. martin

    Marlton, Cherry Hill - any suggestions?

    So just bought a house down in Marlton, NJ - now I have no clue where to ride! Am planning to hook up with the LBS's saturday ride and get some tips there but if any of you are from the area.... let me know! there are a lot of bike lanes in my immediate area so i think this will be...
  14. martin

    dirty dozen in pittsburg

    i enjoyed this video a lot
  15. martin

    Just a hardworking Indian

    i wonder if my c-dale could hold that load? :hmmm:
  16. martin

    what is a gravity bike?

    reading this > saw it linked to these pics> parts of it look awesome but other parts, well, not so much :hmmm:
  17. martin

    H2H Race #4 - Bulldog Rump KVSP

    registration closes soon! who's going? is this race not popular or something? i searched and didn't find a thread about it.. i'm in pretty poor shape for this one - last time i was on a bike was lewis morris race heheh i'm sure no one else who races rides less than i do :D
  18. martin

    2007 Dodge Sprinter

    9/12/11 - This has been sold. Up for sale is our 2007 Dodge Sprinter van, high roof, long wheelbase. This is the biggest truck you can drive without getting a commercial license! Some pictures: Asking...
  19. martin

    is this elevation gain correct for clayton?

    seems really optimistic i turned correction on and it knocked a few feet off the gain, but yah it doesn't feel like 1000 feet. i was doing hill repeats, but not that many since i'm too fat :popcorn:
  20. martin

    really good at rollers