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    Anyone find a Maxle style axle in the parking lot???

    I was riding there on Thursday July 5th and I think i Left my "maxle" axle for my rockshox. I was parked in the emleys hill lot immediately to the left when you pull in. it would be about 4 inches long about 3/4 inch thick, threaded on one end and with big lever on the other
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    Thompson Park ( The one in Jamesburg)

    There doesn't seem to be a lot of info on this place so I though I would give a quick review after I rode it for the 1st time in August 2017. TLDR: Fun place if your local, has potential, kinda like clayton, not worth a long drive Started at the "dog park" lot and took Red trail down and...
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    Delaware water gap?

    Trying to find a place for a quick ride somewhere on the PA side just north of the gap. Any suggestions? Preferably fun single track
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    Hitch Rack for Snow board and MTB???

    Looking for recomendations going to be changing to a hitch rack very soon, are there any good options for both MTB and Snowboards/ Skis? not at the same time Roof rack is not an option. I would prefer not to have to buy 2 separate hitch racks
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    Playing Music while riding?

    Just looking for some opinions on playing music while riding, I saw people with speakers playing music while riding the trails at 6mr and at first I thought that they were kind of screwing around with the serene surroundings, maybe even givings bikers a bad rep. Recently I have had a change of...
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    29er fork

    My friend destroyed his RockShox Tora Race Solo Air 29, 80mm travel and I am trying to help him get his bike back on the trails Looking for a 29er front fork with 80mm-100 travel. straight tube and Quick release. Hopefully on the more value end of the price spectrum, as the friend I am trying to...
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    Thanks Rick and Dianne!!!

    Thanks to Rick and Dianne, I rode Allaire for the 1st time on Sunday and both were super helpful giving me the lay of the land. Allaire will be my home base for the summer so I look forward to seeing you both again. The trails were alot of fun, can't wait to go again