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  1. ekuhn

    Heated gloves Anyone use them?

    Cheap Pogies for winter on your ebike door dash deliveries.
  2. ekuhn

    Who likes to smoke their meat?

    Since you're not an entry level guy, what about one of these for all the group rides next summer? Bet we can weld on a receiver for your bike rack.
  3. ekuhn

    the journey of the boar in years 2013 - ......

    Did anyone ever hear if he made it back from the west? Did he ride up to Alaska over the strait and through Russia to the Guangdong Province of China?
  4. ekuhn

    SOLD 45NRTH Wolvhammer Red Wing Edition Size 45

    Right from the jobsite to the bike or ride your bike to work!
  5. ekuhn

    December 253rd: Giving Tuesday

    Currently on the largest project dollar wise of my career. Hit both Pats and Gino's in the same night (meat sweats). Did my first (metric) century. Rode my bike in NYC for the first time. Completed 31/31 again. Took up grilling/smoking. Loving the flavors. Traveled a lot in no particular order...
  6. ekuhn

    CO2... why's it so darn expensive?

    I bought a box of 100 12g for paintball pistols like 4-5 years ago, I think it was like $40? Still have 3/4 of the box? I normally carry 2 or 3 with me on a ride. My CO2 inflator can use both 12g and 16g, non threaded type.
  7. ekuhn

    The Good Deals Thread

    Bummer. I was able to get the 830 bundle under the blue365deal back in September at $325.
  8. ekuhn

    Craftsman Cordless Inflator

    The brass fitting looks like an 1/8 barb to 1/4 npt?
  9. ekuhn

    snow tire check in thread

    Driving down the road I hear this weird humming. Sounds like the guy in front of me has a flat tire, then we slow down and I hear this metal sound. Look closer at the tires, and I see studs. Little excessive no?
  10. ekuhn

    Nashville TN-How is the Mountain Biking?

    Better off just hoping in with some bachelorette party on one of those pedal tavern tours.
  11. ekuhn

    Something Wicked - Final Chapter

    Had a bunch of CP memories pop up this morning from 2015. Bummed I can't make it. Enjoy the ride!
  12. ekuhn

    The Grand Ave Project

    If you do decide to rent, just background check the renters and be consistent on doing so. Most background companies look at defaults, criminal activity, work history, bankruptcy, etc. Now things could go downhill at any point, but it weeds out some of the less desirable. As the landlord...
  13. ekuhn

    Coyote bites man

    Word on the street was a local farmer brought these coyotes in to help control the deer population on his farm and they’ve gone rouge.
  14. ekuhn

    It’s just a fad?! OVALs

    I think you're right the average output is 32 teeth?
  15. ekuhn

    Coyote bites man

    Who would have thought there were aggressive Cay-oats roaming around RU.
  16. ekuhn

    The November Get Outside and Take a Picture thread

    same post by seconds....
  17. ekuhn

    Garmin 530

    Just as a follow up - I've had my 830 for two months now and its spot on. Battery Life is exceptional, Uploads Easy, No issues with the touch screen. Few hang ups with connecting to my iPhone 11, but since then, its been great.
  18. ekuhn

    6 Mile Run Conditions

    Thank you. Spread the JORBA word! You were one of two bikers we saw out that early in the cold!