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  1. gmb3

    The what new bike are you considering thread

    If that's true, that's sad. :(
  2. gmb3

    Lewis Morris Conditions

    A few patches of snow/ice but trails were mostly clear and frozen solid this morning at 18 degrees. Still snow in the woods though so will be wet when thawed.
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    The December Get Outside (Or Anywhere) As Long As Your Active And Take A Picture Thread

    Solo Sourlands with the trendy @jimvreeland butt shot.
  4. gmb3

    Sourlands Mountain Preserve Conditions

    Rolled out late, close to 10 today and everything was surprisingly solid. All the snow is gone. Lower trails were starting to thaw but my tires stayed clean. Only rode the first half of blue because @clarkenstein said 2nd half would be wet. There's a tree across Blue right downhill of the...
  5. gmb3

    Sourlands Saturday 12/7/19 - 9:30 roll out

    Everything was good, avoided 2nd half of blue.
  6. gmb3

    THATmanMANNY's for sale thread

    Thanks but it was only gonna make sense for me as a trade. I'll pass.
  7. gmb3

    Sourlands Saturday 12/7/19 - 9:30 roll out

    Sorry for late notice but should be frozen and rolling with minimal snow in the morning. All are welcome to join, OOS ok but tech skills a must. Will try for full perimeter loop but will cater to group. No drop social pace.
  8. gmb3

    Sourlands Mountain Preserve Conditions

    Yes, i'm assuming it got less snow than me up north and major melt today so minimal snow tomorrow, if any.
  9. gmb3

    Sourlands Mountain Preserve Conditions

    Thinking about a Saturday 9-9:30 wheels down ride. 20s tonight and mid 30s tomorrow so should be ok. What's the snow cover situation down there though?
  10. gmb3

    $5 Friday Sale

    hey look, tomorrow is Friday again!
  11. gmb3

    THATmanMANNY's for sale thread

    @THATmanMANNY Interested in Shimano PD-M424 pedals and have 1-sided SPDs i can trade if you still need those.
  12. gmb3

    The December Get Outside (Or Anywhere) As Long As Your Active And Take A Picture Thread

    Do you think it would be doable for a skinny tire bike to follow your fat tracks when the snow was frozen and firm?
  13. gmb3

    Berms and Jumps and Flow

    Holy HUCK! That was completely bonkers. Love that the sponsor of the vid was his tire sponsor. Everyone should go buy Continentals now since apparently they're indestructible.
  14. gmb3

    December 253rd: Giving Tuesday

    -Picked up a sweet new to me hardtail that i'm loving for CHEAP (and was able to successfully sell the 16 year old bike it's replacing) -Rode Pisgah again -A lot of great TM accomplished at Sourlands - especially lower trail drainage -psyched on new trail project at Nassau/High Bridge
  15. gmb3

    Who owns the most working bikes? Answer Fire Lord Jim 27

    Whoever said this thread needed pics was right. Edited my original post to add them. Good day for staring at bikes.
  16. gmb3

    The November Get Outside and Take a Picture thread

    Are you from Honesdale? One of my college buddies is from there and it seems like the kind of town where everybody knows everybody. Does the last name Tallman ring a bell?
  17. gmb3

    Spartacus 2.0

    and now that i'm looking at it, I definitely need to adjust. Near side is way more spread out than far side, hmmm.
  18. gmb3

    Spartacus 2.0

    Outer ring installed. It's roughly symmetrical but probably not perfect. Not sure it matters but can adjust if needed. Middle ring is only thing left and something tells me I will need to buy a little more chain.
  19. gmb3

    Who are you?

    Experience - 25ish consistent years Fitness - mediocre but can keep a consistent pace and not have to stop much Skill - I guess advanced but there's still stuff i can't ride Fear Factor - i really don't want to get hurt, so anything i'm not 100% sure i'll clean or be able to abort safely, i...
  20. gmb3

    Sourlands Mountain Preserve Conditions

    So many hiker shortcuts everywhere. A year or 2 ago now, one by Devil's Half Acre got so bad the Rangers actually re-routed the trail to follow the shortcut with signs and all and cut out like 1/8 mile of trail. At one TM this summer we drug like 2 whole fallen trees plus a crap ton of long...