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  1. elzoller

    For Sale: Misfit Psycles diSSent AL - Medium

    Time to let go of this puppy as I try to collect some $$$ for the next bike. I hardly rode this bike so there are not many scratches. Frame: Aluminum (Frame has a few scratches but nothing major.) Color: Death Metal Black Size: Medium (17"~ see graph for Geometry) Fork: RockShox Reba SL...
  2. elzoller

    2013 Jamis Dragon Sport 20th Anniversary 17" - 29er - SS

    Jamis Dragon Sport 20th Anniversary 17" 29 - SingleSpeed - $599.99 2013, slightly used. Seriously, bike has no more than 6 trail rides, other than that just used to tool around the block with the little ones. It has a couple of scratches from the car rack :mad: but other than that, frame is...
  3. elzoller

    Specialized HotRock Aluminum Girls 16" bike

    The 'cleaning out the shed' sale continues.... Girls (or boys, these days you never know anymore) 16" Specialized Hot Rock bike... Don't get technical on this one, it has 2 wheels..(no little wheels), it's pink, cool as hell graphics, and it has been upgraded with a WTB sticker (included free...
  4. elzoller

    2001 (and a half...) "vintage" Kona Stinky Five DH

    For sale is a 2001.5 Kona Stinky Five DH bike.....ok, not vintage, but it made you look! It is a DH bike from 2001, so yes, it has scratches ...but it is still a good bike if you want to try DH and don't want to be worried about scratching your $5,000 new bike!!!!! Bike just came back from the...
  5. elzoller

    I will trade this for beer! By 'this' I mean a Trail-a-Bike...

    Free to a good home....well almost free! It would be a nice gesture of you to bring me a six pack, perhaps some of that goodness from Vermont, when you come and pick this up. This was a hand me down from a hand me down from potentially another hand me down. So do not ask me for the original...
  6. elzoller

    Rockstar Mayhem Festival @ Nikon Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY 7/30/14 -1 tkt

    I am bummed I can't go because I will be out of the country. So I have ONE ticket to Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival at Nikon Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY for July 30, 2014. Section 3L, Row E, Seat 8 It is an electronic ticket. I will email it to you. Or better yet, it seems...
  7. elzoller

    This is so Ficken cool, it deserves its own thread: Beer labels in motion

    Carry on...
  8. elzoller

    Ringwood pre TM ride 7am 6/1

    Sorry for late notice I'll be at Ryerson about 7am for a ride before TM At 9am Prob 977 bridges and cats nest. Or something like that White yeti
  9. elzoller

    One bike, a thousand hopes: Mauro Talini's extraodinary ride across America (RIP)

    Not sure any one here was aware of this guy's bike adventure One bike, a thousand hopes: Mauro Talini's extraodinary ride across America Mauro Talini 7 months and a bicycle to travel the world from South to North to raise awareness on diabetes: this is the challenge that Mauro Talini is...
  10. elzoller

    Huffy Santa Fe 10 speed

    My friend was cleaning out his garage and found this. Is it worth something to anybody here? Restoration project???? Donation? or should I just leave it on the sidewalk for the garbage pick up :popcorn: I mean for FREE, of course, forgot to add that.
  11. elzoller

    Bugaboo Frog Stroller for Sale!

    Great Shape. Pick Up or meet at one of the northern/central parks. Bugaboo Frog Stroller This is the Titanium 29er of Strollers...Rolls over everything!!! and its built to last! Product Information: Two larger, inflatable wheels provide stability, while two smaller swiveling wheels...
  12. elzoller

    Free 2 Tkts: Marshall Tucker Band (4/7/12)

    Was at Starland Ballroom yesterday and bartender gave me 2 tkts for Marshall Tucker Band 4/7/12 who wants them?!?!
  13. elzoller

    Williams Wheels: System 58 Carbon Clincher

    Is this a good deal/brand? Never heard of them. BTW, these are for a buddy of mine who is asking as if I had any effin clue about road wheelsets!!! (I dont even know $hit about MTB wheelsets :() Gracias!
  14. elzoller

    Jungle Habitat - Thunder in the Highlands 7/2/11 - is it rideable? Was thinking of riding JH tomorrow....anybody know the scoop about this event is it on the paved area inside the park? will the trails be rideable? do u think bunch of hikers will be there????
  15. elzoller

    12 hrs of Millstone

    Just found out about this, for all you endurance racers...although it is the same weekend as the DH40. Millstone is an amazing place to ride, lots of rocks and beautiful views. Too bad I am in no shape for riding 3 hours, let alone 12...
  16. elzoller

    Loko Bikes

    ese! something kinda like bighit's undergroundvelo but en Espanol! La CUCARACHA
  17. elzoller


    Nice to see young Mexican kids start a small business that doesn't involve drugs :rolleyes: Made from Bamboo cultivated in the state of Veracruz (Gulf of Mexico). It all started in one of the dude’s garage after his own bike was stolen. They make about 10 bikes/month. En Español...
  18. elzoller

    The Art Of Flight (snowboarding) Apparently that’s not it and that’s not all. After Travis Rice and Brain Farm Productions’ “That’s It That’s All” the snowboard community was left wondering how Curt Morgan and Rice were going to surpass the bar that they had...
  19. elzoller

    Conditions Skyline 12/29 D.E.T.A.I. (Part 2)

    Same story as 2/28/2010 We wont be riding here until April!!! and that is if we don't get any more snow. There must be about 2 feet, deeper in some places. Top lot is not plowed yet and neither is the bottom one. Same for the road to the ruins. Only one section of road to the house...
  20. elzoller

    Thomas & Friends - Battery Operated Track Rider

    Just in time for Xmas... Thomas & Friends - Battery Operated Track Rider by PegPerego Used but in great shape. It includes extra tracks to form a "figure 8" (can also be set up as a circle or oval) Only $99.99 Funds will be used for new bike build or if you ask my wife, to buy some...