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  1. Dr Superb

    Hey All

    hey, just stopping in, it's been a while. The new site looks very nice, great job! It's been crazy busy since my daughter was born. I really hope to get back on 2 wheels very very soon, my head needs it. I also stopped by to see if there were anyone selling their Striders. I can't wait to...
  2. Dr Superb

    Surprised not to see this posted already

    Some footage of an accident with a car on a pedestrian section of a bridge. un-freakin-believable. actually not really.... I hope all is well w/ everyone, its been a while since i've been around here. having a kid could do that i suppose.
  3. Dr Superb

    FS - Thule T2 1.25" Hitch Rack

    I am selling my hitch rack. it was used for about 10 months and still in good shape. I have the 3 locks that it comes with, which all use the same key. You can order 2 additional locks from Thule as well. i can text pics if you are interested. $250 thanks!
  4. Dr Superb

    Windows XP on a bike

    Rode my typical route today, but for some reason this reminded me of Windows XP. Never thought about that before. with my bike:
  5. Dr Superb

    Road ID iPhone App

    this is a free app for iPhone to enable certain contacts to track you. From the makers of the [I]essential[I] Road ID.
  6. Dr Superb

    Experiments in Speed [Video]

    This is pretty wild TL;DR - 104 tooth chainring is fast
  7. Dr Superb

    WTS: Entertainment Media Shelf

    I'd like to get rid of a media shelf. $30 takes it, pick up only. PM me if you are interested. This is used, but in near mint condition. I have all the glass shelves for it as well, which are in perfect condition. Pic attached.
  8. Dr Superb

    Fat bike rollers

    Hopefully the link works.
  9. Dr Superb

    Stewartsville Loop

    Does anyone have a road loop in this area? Like a 30 miler or so? I'm maping something out on MapMyRide, but the damn thing isnt saving. I've redone it like 6 times and i am getting frustrated. so, if someone has a gpx i can import, i'd really appreciate it. I'm heading to the area...
  10. Dr Superb

    Video of guy tracking down stolen bike on CL

    Here's the vid: Is there a way to embed?
  11. Dr Superb

    Unwritten Laws of Creating a Strava Segment

    Ok, let's face it, no one wants to create a lame Strava segment, and we all can make fun of who creates some of these ridiculous segments just to say they are KOM. So, what would you say are the unwritten laws of creating a logical segment? IE: -must be n miles long -must start and...
  12. Dr Superb

    Pittstown Area Road Ride

    Anyone have a garmin link to a nice ride out that way? ~30 miles or so...looking to ride there July 4th before a BBQ... TIA
  13. Dr Superb

    Cole Road Trail - Readington

    Has anyone rode this trail yet? I passed it today on my RV loop and noticed it. Looks pretty new. here's some info on it from Here's a link to the trail map...
  14. Dr Superb

    Six Mile Run - Canal Parking

    It was jammed packed there this morning/afternoon. Park police was on site ticketing cars that were parked in the grass. He pointed out that there was a "Official Vehicles Only" sign near the grass by the trail head. So, be careful out there. It may be ticky tack, but i'm sure they will...
  15. Dr Superb

    Once you go [XXXX] you never go back

    Well, obviously inspired by the Ergon thread, just curious to hear some of the other bike related products you would fill in the XXXX's Off the top of my head, here are mine: SPD Lefty Tubeless I am close to saying SRAM
  16. Dr Superb

    Stupid Garmin Question RE: HRM

    I'm pretty sure this question has a self explanatory answer, but w/e... So, my wife registered us for a spin class near our house, and i'd like to use my garmin 705 just for the HRM feature. Will this feature still work given that it will be indoors, and likely not find any coordinates, etc...
  17. Dr Superb

    Prescription Riding Glasses

    Does anyone have special cycling glasses with prescription lenses? Do you like them? I was considering getting some as my vision is not that great. I currently have cycling glasses where i can swap out clear lenses and tinted lenses. I am assuming these are available for prescriptions...
  18. Dr Superb

    Introducing a friend to MTB - WWYD

    So, i have a friend who keeps telling me he wants to try riding with me. He's a former skateboarder / surfer / freestyle roller blader. Anyway, i want to take him - i'd probably do a canal loop at 6MR for his first time. Any beginners i've taken haven't made it all the way around 6MR their...
  19. Dr Superb

    Poison Ivy Relief

    I just wanted to give anyone who has poison ivy a heads up on 2 great products out there to relieve the pain / itch. 1) Zanfel - This stuff is way expensive (~$40 for a small bottle), but works the best out of anything i've tried. 2) Tecnu Extreme - Probably half...
  20. Dr Superb

    Wild biking video

    Put yourself in these shoes. I'd probably scream like a little girl. ***Some ads on the site may be NSFW