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  1. Patrick

    Escape Plan - September challenge scoreboard.

    lined up for a foot race today - took a top 10 last year. almost 4 minutes slower this year, and it was only a 5k! still won my age group. gotta love a local race. My spouse pinned on a number too. we warmed up together, and i walked her in the last 10 minutes. 2.5...
  2. Patrick

    Let's Build A Fatbike!

    @FitmanNJ has wheels ? (did you have clownshoes or rolling darryl??)
  3. Patrick

    GAME TIME a FREE FREE FREE frame..Medium Specialized FATBOY frame and BB

    maybe make it a public project! you need more on your plate.
  4. Patrick

    Car-spotting thread

    um yup it's a Porsche
  5. Patrick

    OFFICIAL: 2019-2020 Fantasy Football League Thread - ITS ALMOST GO TIME BABY

    Miami is the new Brown. i'm sure he would be ok there.
  6. Patrick

    the journey of the boar in years 2013 - ......

    Amazing. thank you for taking us along.
  7. Patrick

    Escape Plan - September challenge scoreboard.

    Rode with @shrpshtr325 and @oobaa47 today at ringwood. Picture at the top of the white trail - thanks @pixychick and @Art. 2 points
  8. Patrick

    Different setup for different parks

    lock the fork, don't shift. rigid ss ! at 6mr anyway. i run a bit higher pressure at 6MR, do i don't feel that tire roll.
  9. Patrick

    Car-spotting thread

    This looks to be in @UtahJoe's wheelhouse. Central PA. and across the street.
  10. Patrick

    Escape Plan - September challenge scoreboard.

    Took advantage of our friendship for 2 points!
  11. Patrick

    ss cannondale medium 225.00 yep that one

    don't use cables..... i'm an idea guy :D
  12. Patrick

    Trail Run @ Nassau - Morning of Oct 19, 2019

    Just a heads-up that there is a trail run scheduled for Saturday 10/19/19 - Registration starts 8:00ish, should finish up before noon. in case @ryderX wants to get his trail-run on...
  13. Patrick

    Bubblecross 2019 Race #1 in NJBA CX Cup 9/22

    he should do both.
  14. Patrick

    Soundz Like Riding Short Time Many Time

    5 day, 21 hours 47 minutes ! That is an adventure, well done.
  15. Patrick

    Jim's training thread

    if only it weighed about 2,500lbs less.
  16. Patrick

    New to sourlands

    not bad - at that 4 way intersection, make the right and take the connector to the fence. more better. not a bad day on the trail tho. will provide a proper tour when we can meet up.
  17. Patrick

    Escape Plan - September challenge scoreboard.

    when your cousins don't show up for wildcat wednesday ya only get two points.... i also forgot to start the computer, and managed to make the whole first climb at a decent (for me) pace. dang, missed a trophy.