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  1. ChrisG

    Hop-or-Not: crowed sourced video coaching

    And double tap on a log isn't gonna be quite the same as double tap on cx barrier.
  2. ChrisG

    Car-spotting thread

    Love these WWII fighters. Most of these planes seem to be a giant engine with the bare minimum amount of airplane attached to it.
  3. ChrisG

    2019 Bear Scat 50

    I'm calling BS on this.
  4. ChrisG

    Hartshorne/Huber Conditions

    Well played. Were any dashing or dancing? Also glad to hear about the reduced overgrowth.
  5. ChrisG

    Dirty Kanza

    There is an option to pay for bailout services, and the cost is pretty minimal. I got into the DK100 this year, but ended up selling my entry, due to various logistical issues.
  6. ChrisG

    Mazdaspeed 3 wheels w/Blizzaks

    Yes, I tried to be mindful of keeping them rotated through the seasons of use. I can post photos of all four over the weekend.
  7. ChrisG

    OFFICIAL Facebook Memories Thread

    I think it was my (unused) pit bike once, too. But I can't recall where.
  8. ChrisG

    Group Ride September 7th Allaire

    Mrs. G and I will be there. I'm available for leading/sweeping/herding if needed.
  9. ChrisG

    Mazdaspeed 3 wheels w/Blizzaks

    I have four OEM Mazdaspeed 3 wheels, taken off of a 2008 Speed 3. Wheels are 18x7, and will fit any generation Mazda 3, along with other Mazdas. They were my winter set, so the Blizzak LM-22's are still mounted, in the OEM 215/45-18 size. The tires have maybe one more winter left in them...
  10. ChrisG

    cutting the cord

    We have a few years-old Nighthawk 7000. House is a concrete block frame with plaster walls, so we had all kinds of dead spots with basic routers. My wife now streams movies in the backyard.
  11. ChrisG

    Hartshorne/Huber Conditions

    Application has been filled out and sent to Tracy. Thanks for your continued efforts with this.
  12. ChrisG

    Car-spotting thread

    You beat me to it.
  13. ChrisG

    OFFICIAL Facebook Memories Thread

    After that initial wave of Mary love, those Cannondale single speeds were all over the place.
  14. ChrisG

    Car-spotting thread

    Wasn't able to get a photo, but finally saw (and heard) a Singer Porsche on the road, driving through Rumson on my way to Hartshorne yesterday. Holy cow.
  15. ChrisG

    Jim's training thread

    Making airplane/moto/rocketship noises on the bike is always a good choice.
  16. ChrisG

    Strictly METAL

    Dammit, I completely forgot about this gig. May not have been able to make it anyway, but would have been nice to try at least. Good stuff.
  17. ChrisG

    Old Iron

    So cool. I had a serious flashback when I looked at the photo. It appears to be in really good condition as well.
  18. ChrisG

    Jim's training thread

    So stoked for you!
  19. ChrisG

    Hartshorne/Huber Conditions

    I rode Hartshorne and Huber yesterday. This finally happened at the top of Laurel Ridge. The soil that was displaced to create this gully is liberally spread all over the trail below the closure. The lower section of the Water Tower trail is eroded beyond any sensible state of sustainability...
  20. ChrisG

    James Pearl Thinks Blogging is Dead

    It was nice to re-read this.