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  1. Paul H

    Computer (Mac) Question

    Seems like there are quite a few technical ppl on here... I have a 7yo MacBook Pro. Should prolly get a new computer but I am too cheap and would rather upgrade my bikes. Anyways... it becomes unresponsive with the spinning circle and sometimes without and just freezes. Restart takes forever and...
  2. Paul H

    Bike for THE Noob!

    Ok... I suckered... convinced a friend of mine to start cycling. Of course, I would want him to MTB but I realized this may not be his cup of tea. I "think" he would enjoy mtb... but who knows? He has committed to buying a bike and will buy whatever I recommend. This is a heavy weight on my...
  3. Paul H

    Hitch Lock

    Has anyone had their bike rack stolen off your car? I am not talking about in the inner cities but at the trail lots and whatnot. Just wondering if I need to have a lock on the hitch.... which btw looks pretty flimsy on picture.
  4. Paul H

    WTB: Mechanical Road Post Mount Disk Brakes

    Looking for a mechanical disk brake set to pair up with my Shimano 105 brifters. Ultegra or CX77 would be awesome but LMK what you have.
  5. Paul H

    Affordable Hardtail Frame Only with....

    Looking for a XC-Trail hardtail frame with the following attributes.... whats out there that is available as frame only? Boost Threaded BB Can take both 29 and 27.5+
  6. Paul H

    Starter build parting out sale & free gift w/ purchase

    Some stuff to sell. Great way to start an economical build and to learn how to wrench. RS Sektor solo air 27.5 tapered 140 travel TA non boost: $125 Will Max take this? Giant SXC-2 27.5 Wheelset TA front and QR rear with Schwalbe Nobby Nic Performance set up tubeless: $150 Shimano Deore...
  7. Paul H

    SRAM vs Shimano Brakes

    This is going to be the best thread! (outside of OOS) I definitely see the pros and cons of both brakes.... personally I have Guides on my Hightower and XT on my Talon. Only thing is.... its an adjustment going from one to the other. I have been exclusively riding the Guides and recently rode...
  8. Paul H

    WTB Shimano Deore M6000 Right Lever

    Anyone got one laying around? Just need the lever
  9. Paul H

    WTB: Bike Repair Stand

    Would prefer a Park Tool... but LMK what you have. Thanks in advance!
  10. Paul H

    Need trailside help

    My reverb dropper won't go back up. Help!
  11. Paul H

    Santa Cruz Flip chip & fork

    I was reading up on the flip chip and it says you "must" change to a 140 fork when switching to 29er wheels. Can anyone explain why this is? Is it strictly because of the geo or will the bike explode and burst into flames? I'm allergic to fire. My bike is a Hightower and currently on 27.5...
  12. Paul H

    OOS Rides Info

    Our original thread is getting rather busy with discussions and etc. Looks like ppl are having a hard time finding ride information for a given week. So... lets keep the discussions on the other thread and leave this thread for ride information only. Also, this way, all can post up confirmed...
  13. Paul H

    Saw this in Facebook

    A genius has finally solved the bad banana problem — and I'm mad I didn't think of it first Bananas: They taste great and they're a good source of potassium and vitamins and whatever. But! It's also very annoying to buy a bunch of 'naners only to have five out of the seven go rotten before you...
  14. Paul H

    Compressor or Pump with a reserve tank?

    So... trying to decide whether I should get small compressor or one of those pumps with a reserve tank. When I had the donut compressor, really didn't use it for anything other than setting up bike tubeless. It was too weak to inflate car tires and the damn thing was noisy as hell but did well...
  15. Paul H

    Scratch on stanchion

    Had the stupidest fall today and ended up scratching my stanchion. Won't get into the detail because it was so dumb but does this need to be taken care of? If so, can it be fixed or does it need to be replaced? Lastly, how much will it cost? I can feel the scratch and it's a Fox Performance 36...
  16. Paul H

    Syringes for addicts

    It seems like you need a syringe for everything... brakes, dropper, tires. And if you own multiple brands or types, your tool box will make you look like a heroine addict. How many syringes do you have?
  17. Paul H

    Yakima 2" Adapter

    Going to get a hitch install on the Highlander today at Uhaul Got a Yakima rack from @Mr.Moto (thank you!) and its a 1.25" and the hitch I am going to install accepts 2" I see that Uhaul has a 2" adapter and wondering if this is any good or should I just get the adapter thru Yakima?
  18. Paul H

    Giant Trance manual & hanger

    I have a 2017 Giant Trance owners manual and a rd hanger to anyone who wants them. Free in Wayne NJ.
  19. Paul H

    OOS Post away!

    OOS Parts Listing
  20. Paul H

    Do I need legal advice?

    Some of you may already know, that my detached garage went up in flames in Jan of this year. Now I own my condo unit as well as this burnt up detached garage. The condo management and their insurance handles the rebuilding the structure. It has been boarded up for 2 and a half months now and...