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  1. Frank

    FOX 36 Uppers

    Howdy, I'm in search of a set of stanchions for a 2011 Fox 36 TALAS. I had the misfortune of wearing mine out due to hungry bushings. Hopefully someone out there has an old fork laying around. Thanks in advance. 160MM Straight 1 1/8 steerer Thanks in advance. Frank
  2. Frank

    Found: Front wheel

    I found a wheel laying against a fence in the lot this morning. Thank you very much!!...just kidding. PM me the details and we can arrange to get it back to ya.
  3. Frank

    Big feet/flat pedals?

    I've been riding for many years and always used spd pedals, even when I raced dh in the early 2000's, but recent events have me wondering if I've been doing myself wrong. I tried running flats but never felt love for them, especially on sketchy, technical sections where I was happy to be clipped...
  4. Frank

    Hug a Cop

    The world is so f-ed up lately and the people who have to deal with more assholes than a proctologist shouldn't have targets on them. @Carson , @ArmyOfNone, and any other officer on this forum, much love and respect....stay safe brothers!
  5. Frank

    Bike builds at Second Life Bikes

    Howdy all, Putting this out there for @YoBikeLady, let's help her get kids bikes ready for Christmas! Every Wednesday evening in December we will be refurbing bikes from 5:30 - 8:30's a lot of fun and very rewarding!! You don't need super skills, so come on out and join the fun!!
  6. Frank

    JORBA thanks YOU!!

    Hi all, Over the last month or so, membership has kept me quite busy and I want to thank you all for that. More recently @Norm posted a great little video on how easy it is to join/renew....he gets mucho karma points for that. So......if you joined and ordered a large t-shirt, your packet...
  7. Frank

    looking for a Quad

    Looking for a quad to use at the farm our horse is boarded at. Does anyone have one that is no longer in use, I can handle minimal repairs.
  8. Frank

    Hodag studs

    Has anyone successfully added studs to Hodags? These seem to be nice tires and grip pretty well but I could use a little security before I end up on my ass and reports of tremors start.
  9. Frank

    Oh damn, I got FAT

    I can't wait to go out in this awesome weather :rolleyes:
  10. Frank

    Volunteer Nights at Second Life Bikes

    Hi all, I would like to take a moment to let you know that Second Life Bikes ( 21 Main Street Asbury Park, NJ 07712) will have volunteer nights on Thursday 12-4, 12-11, and 12-18 from 6-9pm to help get kids bikes ready for the holidays. This is such an awesome thing to be involved with and...
  11. Frank

    Shimano/Race Face compatability

    I have a new Race Face X-type bottom bracket sitting in my parts bin that I was thinking of using to replace a gritty :rolleyes: Shimano bottom bracket in Kathleen. According to certain sites, this should be an acceptable you agree?
  12. Frank

    NJDEP Dumping Survey

    Please take this short survey to tell the NJDEP about your experience's of coming across illegal dumps in NJ parks and forests.
  13. Frank

    DEP Release: Christie Administration Launches New "Don't Waste our Open Space" Initia

  14. Frank

    RTP in Jeopardy again!!

    We recently received an email from our government Liaison and it’s the kind of news that doesn’t sit well with us. As you all know, we have sent out alerts in the past with regard to the Recreational Trails Program (RTP) as this is where JORBA gets a majority of our tool purchase funding. We...
  15. Frank

    Saturday ride!

    Got this from the South Jersey Wheelmen this morning! Date: 1/25/14 Time: 10 AM Place: Belleplain State Forest Tired of being stuck inside? Tired of not being able to ride? Tired of facing another " To Do " list? Join us in Belleplain for a Snow ride and shake off some of those Winter...
  16. Frank

    Parvin needs your help

    Parvin State Park is in a rough way and needs some local help: JORBA would love to assist with the effort, but sadly we need that...
  17. Frank

    IT Band rebound

    So 6 weeks ago my knee swelled up real bad and went to a doctor because it was accompanied by a fever. The doc orders a ton of blood tests and an X-ray, all of which are good. So I was still left with a swollen knee, and off to an orthopedic doctor I go. He looked at my X-ray and came to the...
  18. Frank

    Contact your Senators and Urge Them to Protect RTP

    JORBA uses RTP for tool funding, please help by contacting below...thank you: As the Senate continues debate on transportation authorization legislation Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has introduced an amendment that would strip the Recreational Trails Program (RTP) of its funding! Senator Rand is...
  19. Frank

    JORBA partners with Mountain Creek Bike Park

    JORBA is pleased to announce a partnership with Mountain Creek Bike Park (MCBP). JORBA will assist MCBP with trail design, Paydirt incentives and volunteer support in the Hamburg Mountain Wildlife Management Area (HMWMA) located on top of the mountain - just south of the MCBP border. Current...
  20. Frank

    Help create a new trail network

    Hi all, Over the last few years, Gerry Creighton (the ranch) has been in communication with the Township of Galloway to create a network of trails on a tract of land called Seaview Estates. His proposals have been well received by both Galloway Twsp. and Atlantic Cty. but we are currently...