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    What size pack do you use?

    What size hydropack do you guys use on the trails? Also what specific pack do you use? I'm in the market for a new hydropack and am split between the Osprey Synchro 15 & new Manta 20. Anyone use either of these for hiking & biking in NJ?
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    Thule Fit Kit for Toyota Camry ('99)

    Thule Fit kit for 1999 Toyota Camry, $25.
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    Shimano XT w/ Salsa Delgado 29er Wheelset

    Recently purchased on mtbnj, as it ends up I don't need these wheels. In great condition. $75- Shimano XT hubs (front & rear) Salsa Delgado Race 29er rims Maxxis Ignitor 2.1" tires
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    Avid BB5 Caliper (like new)

    Avid BB5 caliper - like new condition. Used one or two times, I had a set of BB7's so I swapped after the first ride. No adapter, no rotor & no lever. $20 or will trade for an Easton EA50 31.6 seatpost.
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    Top rides around NJ

    So I took off work next week and I'm planning on doing a good amount of riding. I want to know your favorite places within maybe 100-150 miles of Hunterdon County. I've done 6 mile hundreds of times, Lewis Morris, and Allamuchy however I was in a boring section, not sure which is best. I'm...
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    21" - 29er

    Looking for a new bike for my father. His old Next department store rig is shot and I'm not fixing the gears anymore. He fits a 21", he's about 5'11"-6' tall. He primarily will be riding rail trails, occasionally some singletrack. If I could find an economical 29er geared would be preferable...
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    Archery Gear

    Trying to get a feel for selling this stuff. Diamond Triumph Bow (60lb pull) Cabelas Stalker extreme arrows (10) Gorilla Wolverine climbing tree stand (2 piece) Plano hard bow case Primos trigger release Some broadheads/field tips This stuff was used maybe 6 times, everything is in great...
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    Cross Fit Locations

    Hey all, I have a regular exercise routine for every week: weights and running. Getting quite bored with the "routine" of it all. Yes I change up reps/exercises/weight/etc... Has anyone any experience with any crossfit locations in NJ? Unfortunately I'm in Hunterdon county and by the looks of it...
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    Tiagra Derailleur, Salsa bars, DH tube

    Tiagra front derailleur Salsa MotoAce road bars, 25.4 I believe Specialized DH tube 26x2.4-3.0 Have no use for this stuff. Will donate to someone who has a use for them, but if someone wanted to trade maybe a 29er tube or a bottle of stout for something that would be nice. Let me know if...
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    Lemond Zurich feeler

    SOLD - Looking to sell a 2001 Lemond Zurich but I have no idea it's worth. I got the bike a year ago, really don't know much of anything about road stuff. I replaced the tires, pads, and chain. Anyone have or sell one of these before? Only issue is the front shifter is fussy, the cable inside...
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    Need a Bike for Dad

    I'm looking for a mountain bike for my father. Needs roughly a 21" frame. I'm thinking a used lower end Trek/Specialized/Fisher/etc. Hopefully decent working parts, I can wrench pretty much everything on a bike so if something needs repair I can handle it. Trying to keep sub $200.
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    Spring cleaning.

    Rock Gardn Flak Jacket (L) - Used 1 season only scrapes are really on the right shoulder pad. Otherwise in good shape. $40. 661 Knee/Shin guard has the usual scrapes used a few seasons. $10. Sette Hip/Thigh pads. $10. Mary Bars, 25.4mm used once no scrapes. $20. Also have a load of...
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    Pre-Spring Cleaning

    Got some bike stuff some not bike stuff here, start with the biking related. On One Mary Bars, Black 25.4mm, used once, no scrapes - $25 Avid BB5 calipers/rotors, used once - $50 pair RockGardn Flak Jacket (Large), upper body armor - right shoulder pad is scraped up otherwise in good shape...
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    Photography in NJ

    I'm trying to find some new photo spots in my area. Anyone have some recommendations? I'm in Califon.
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    Playstation 2 bundle

    Playstation 2 console (includes audio/video and power cables) 2 - wired controllers (1 black & 1 clear blue) 1 - wireless controller 1 - 8mb memory card 1 - 16mb memory booster pack Lots of games... 007 Nightfire ATV Quad Power 2 Downhill Domination Enter the Matrix Gran...
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    Brakes, pack, armor, marybars...

    On-One Mary Bars, 25.4, used once...$30 Avid BB5 Calipers + rotors, used once Avid FR5 Levers, used once ...$70 for both. LLBean trunk pack, I believe main compartment is insulated and can be used as a cooler...$10 Post rack with spacers...$10 RockGardn Flak Jacket, upper body armor...
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    Road shifter

    I need a left shifter (front) for my 2001 Lemond Zurich. Mine is kicking the bucket and I just need one that works. I'd like to have brake and shifter in one unit. Weight really not an issue.
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    Trails Northern Hunterdon County

    I ran into a park maintenance worker hiking last winter at Point Mountain and he gave me this map. These are a few smaller parks in Northern Hunterdon County, just wanted to see if anyone knew about the State Property linking Miquin and Point Mountain. He said the state was trying to acquire...
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    Hacklebarney State Park - Hiking

    This is off topic but anyway. Has anyone checked out the hunting trails at Hacklebarney for either biking or hiking? Anyone know the distance or extent these trails go into the park from the 4 parking areas?
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    RockGardn Flak Jacket

    I have a RockGardn Flak Jacket (L), used about 1 season in excellent shape except the right shoulder pad is scraped up but not cracked in any way. Still wearable. The elastic waist band has a "money/key pocket" that is sealed with heavy duty Velcro. No rips or tears anywhere on this body armor...