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  1. Magic

    WTB: steel cross/gravel frame

    So your Mr. Pink isn’t even pink!?
  2. Magic

    Can a tire be deformed by a ride?

    Are your wheels tubeless specific or ghetto? Also, check the tire all the way around to make sure it's even as it may have not popped onto the bead seat fully. Usually there some kind of line or pattern you can follow along the side to check for consistency. I've had tight beads before where...
  3. Magic

    A real question about ceramic tiles...

    Those look cool. Will bookmark it and forget about it for when I get a house 17 years from now.
  4. Magic

    SantaCruz Chameleon 27.5+ XL

    Bump! Can bring to Cranks if anyone wants to see it.
  5. Magic

    Jim's training thread

    Nice! Only in Europe.
  6. Magic

    NJCX Cup Race #2 - Lucky Charm Cyclocross v2.0

    Do you do refunds if there is a pinwheel?
  7. Magic

    Hitch Lock

    Are you ever on a long leash?
  8. Magic

    Hitch Lock

  9. Magic

    Carbon wheels!

    Fake news.
  10. Magic


    There are dozens of new moto trails, and some of them even have signs that say no bicycles. They're typically not worth riding anyway because they're just ridden in and not built. Soft and mushy is about right.
  11. Magic

    Jim's training thread

    @xc62701 is looking for some people to suffer with at Cranks.
  12. Magic

    OFFICIAL: 2019-2020 Fantasy Football League Thread - DRAFT DATE AUG 21

    I blame @Pearl for not tagging me at 8:29pm. I don't know any of these guys and Wayne Gallman isn't on my team.
  13. Magic

    CX Wheelsets F/S - HED Ardennes Disc Brake Wheels For Sale

    Both look QR broski.
  14. Magic

    Jim's training thread

    So did you win? Was there a sprint finish? Nice work Jim! Hope to hear more when you wake up in 17hrs.
  15. Magic

    More MTB parts for sale

    Does the K-Edge mount have a GoPro mount on the bottom? If so, I will take.
  16. Magic

    OFFICIAL: 2019-2020 Fantasy Football League Thread - DRAFT DATE AUG 21

    Auto-drafting all of the Patriots.
  17. Magic

    Car-spotting thread

    Ford replaced your engine? Lol.
  18. Magic

    Car-spotting thread

    I would hope that it performs better as a mid engine. Now that it is mid engine, I wouldn't mind getting one for free.
  19. Magic


    Hey guy!