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  1. Frank

    Who likes to smoke their meat?

    Pecan with a little Mesquite at the end.
  2. Frank

    Grasshopper Kids Bike Race, August 10, Cedar Grove

    Great to see this is still going on....luv it!
  3. Frank

    Allaire beginner rides return...

    Schilling started with a cruiser and jeans and it grew from there.
  4. Frank

    R.I.P. Marty

    Such a sad loss, he will be sorely missed.
  5. Frank

    WTB fatbike

    @Bizarro has an xl for sale. I will text him about this thread.
  6. Frank

    WTB fatbike

  7. Frank


    I wish you a speedy recovery...very sad to hear this
  8. Frank

    Santa Cruz Megatower

    I feel ya.....6'2" 235# and I normally ride a 160mm RFX around...even at Allaire. Depending on what i hit, I go through that travel and if I had the $$ I would buy a Megatower tomorrow. Do it, then let me try it. ;)
  9. Frank

    Santa Cruz Megatower

    Screw everyone’s opinions, buy what makes you happy. Life is too short
  10. Frank

    Don't Be A Mudder! A New JORBA Pamphlet

    This makes me smile!!
  11. Frank

    6 Mile Run Conditions

  12. Frank

    Taking MuleFut80 Tubeless

    I trimmed the rim strip down so there was more rim for the gorilla tape to adhere to, you may want to consider that.
  13. Frank

    Winter Trail Abuse.

    I agree Norm Everyone of the JORBA folk out there already have their hands full with TM planning, land manager communication, etc. They all have day jobs, families, and other activities to deal with as well so I think they are asking for additional help that goes beyond tm. If you want to make...
  14. Frank

    Winter Trail Abuse.

    NJ State park Remember how effective closure was during the Government shutdown? People drove through the tape to get into parking lots.
  15. Frank

    Winter Trail Abuse.

    Not out of the question at all. If J gets support from the park, that would be great. My concern is with enforcement, not education. edit: I just re-read my earlier post....I'm against signage without park permission and that was not reflected in my post.
  16. Frank

    Winter Trail Abuse.

    If it were up to me I still would prefer it to be an employee of the state. besides, you would undoubtedly catch a bag of shit from someone wanting to ride.
  17. Frank

    Winter Trail Abuse.

    It's not so much a matter of insurance, but of enforcement....that could be a slippery slope. It's best to follow @jdog lead and spread the word. Allaire almost closed in 98 due to trail neglect and we (collectively) were able to save it then but it took a bit of negotiating with the land...
  18. Frank

    Winter Trail Abuse.

    Posting signs and trail closure should be handled by the land manager only. Should someone injure themselves when conditions are not perfect and someone hasn't "closed" it could lead to legal actions. Remember this is NJ and remember the Alexandria Pump Track
  19. Frank

    Show me your Bags

    Like John, I have Revelate frame bag and Gas can. Frame bag holds tools, hyd. pack or bottles, wallet, key, and even has room for a flask. Gas can is perfect for phone and bars.
  20. Frank

    Can't we do better than this?

    First rock dude...excellent post. Check with @Bleeder and @KenS on this as it has been a discussion for a long time.