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  1. Po123

    Booties or winter shoes?

    which are a warmer set up, booties over normal shoes or winter specific shoes? And which brands work the best?
  2. Po123

    Rear Derailleur troubles

    I just upgraded my ride from 3x8 to 1x10. I put a sram x9 shifter, sram 10 speed cassette, raceface cranks with a narrow wide chain ring, and 10 speed chain. My lbs said I may get away with running the original x5 derailleur that came on the bike, but here's the problem I can adjust it so it...
  3. Po123

    Gopro hero 3 black edition

    Used once, has been collecting dust ever since. Complete package ready to use. $200. Call Pete (908)339-1585.
  4. Po123

    Tire help

    Ruined my rear tire today while riding rocky xc trails. I had kenda small block 829x2.21 set up tubless also I ride a hard tail 29er. So the question is what to replace it with and should I go wider. Any suggestions would be appreciated Thanks Pete
  5. Po123

    Ralph stover high rocks today 12/26

    Anyone up for a ride today around 200 at Ralph stover high rocks
  6. Po123

    New guy from upper black eddy pa

    Hello all. New to the site. I mostly ride xc mtb and road but come from a motocross background .