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    New to the dirt

    I met Dan (nj29er) @ Chimney Rock , nice guy .
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    29 er in the rocks

    Riding my 29er in the rocks for the first time and was wondering about tire pressure w/ carbon wheels ?
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    Raceface 6six c carbon bars & turbine r stem

    still available …...
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    Raceface 6six c carbon bars & turbine r stem

    770 mm x 35 mm bar 4 up 8 back 20mm rise turbine r 40mm x 35mm +/- 0 excellent shape almost like new $ 135.00 for both FIRM will not separate
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    Allaire Conditions

    Chiggers = stockings . Once had a wise hunter tell me that wearing stockings does not allow chiggers to bite . Be sure to dispose after use . I prefer nude stockings myself .
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    Drivetrain Components

    I'll paint it if you like .
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    Drivetrain Components

    I would imagine less then 100 miles .
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    Drivetrain Components

    Raceface d.m. cinch chainrings - (2) 28 t (1) 32 $ 15.00 each excellent condition Wolf Tooth oval d.m. cinch chainring - 32 tooth one ride $ 35.00
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    Sram drive train SOLD SOLD

    XO shifter , XO deraillure , XX1 cassette and Eagle chain 1x12 . Very little use as health did not let me ride much so far this year . Price is FIRM $ 350.00
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    How Quickly will mwlikeseBikes be Banned on Trails in our Area?

    Can they be ungoverned ?
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    Why are some shop mechanics so arrogant?

    Want to succeed in business , treat your customers with respect . They do pay your bills ……………...
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    Show me your Bags

    Nah just a little humor on a shitty day .
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    Show me your Bags

    Just in case the ole lady throws me out for buying my next downhill .
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    Race face 29 " boost ar 27 SOLD SOLD

    Don't know never had it apart . I do know that it is a non xd driver freewheel with a Sram 12 speed cassette .
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    Race face 29 " boost ar 27 SOLD SOLD

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