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  • We live an hour apart so we dont always ride but when we do its usually allamuchy, stephans,. He rides the parks out by him since he is near clinton so alot of round valley and some P.A. parks and usually 1 day on the weekend and a couple during week after work. I`m in haledon so i do parks around me. i usually ride every thursday night at a local spot called the mills since its only 8 miles from home but i cant post it cause not supposed to ride there but alot of people do.your welcome to join anytime
    Hey whats up my name is willy or wlee. the guy you battled is my riding buddy Bob Madden he said he had a blast racing with you and was also looking for you afterwards but didnt see you. Our jerseys say Bike King and he rides a Trek. He says hello. racing kittatiny?
    Really sorry, did not get your message before this evening. Two places to start .lot c or from Shepard lake.

    Aim to do sky lands, warm puppy.

    Depends how long you want to go for.

    I'll mail you two links to 2 garmin connect rides . One 90 mins, one 3 hours.
    Colin - still planning on riding Ringwood this Sun the 1st if you're interested. Haven't confirmed exact time I'm mtg Mike there or where exactly but would love to have you along for the ride. Most certainly going to run a taller gear up there based on what I'm hearing. If you can't make the ride, can you recomend where the best place to meet up there is and maybe a route? Thanks! Chris
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