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    Brooks B17 saddle LOCK IT UP

    Lock it up
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    God I love Craigslist.......

    Soooooo tempted
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    Zwift - wattage question

    yeah that’s in-line with mine. Your wattage was a bit higher thus you averaged a bit faster. ..... I will look into everyone suggestions. Thx!!! Seems my weight may be the biggest penalty. I’m about 220 (on a good day) so seems Zwift penalizes me for that.
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    Zwift - wattage question

    “difficultly slider”? Hmmmm
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    Zwift - wattage question

    have speed sensor and cadence sensor
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    Zwift - wattage question

    could it be the Zwift riders are, on average, really strong? That is, it tends to attract the more hard core (ie those more dedicated than your average weekend warrior)? ... and that I am simply in the slowest 1/5 of Zwift riders? I mean, I think that explains PART of it but people commonly...
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    Zwift - wattage question

    what do you mean “power source” ?
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    Zwift - wattage question

    pretty sure I did the conversion but will check. Thanks !
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    Zwift - wattage question

    I’m talking ranges/ averages. I’m on a dumb trainer so I don’t know if that matters. But can hit +30mph on steeper downhills at way below 150 watts. And be below 5mph on an uphill yet I’m above 200 watts here’s my ride today - averaged out to 19mph and 142 average watts. today’s course was...
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    Zwift - wattage question

    I don’t get why I’m so slow in zwift. i think I have it calibrated right - ie when im in a flat section on Zwift I go a similar speed to what I would do in the real world (20 mph give or take) and my wattage is usually in a range that is similar to what Strava says I do in the real world (in...
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    Allaire Conditions

    that bikes a beauty
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    On-One Inbred Single Speed Disc Mountain Bike (Medium 18”) $700

    luckily this is not my size as I would be very tempted otherwise. I always loved the Inbred. GLWS
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    The Three Most Important Mountain Bikes

    When I think of “important” early mountain bikes I think: Klein, Trek (930 comes to mind) and specialized stumpjumper.
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    Hartshorne/Huber Conditions

    Can’t argue with your perspective. perhaps due to my bitching in the past I’m not communicating clearly enough that I have now come to largely share your views re: accepting changing trails. Now I don’t think I’ll ever come to embrace other aspects of MCPS trail neglect like letting key...
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