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  • Hello....I was thinking about holding a Poker Run her in South Jersey. Any info or ideas you could share would be appreicated...thanks in advance🙂

    What time tomorrow? We have a group ride at White Clay at 6pm. Don't know if that's too late for you.

    This is Mort. We rode together last year. I am heading to Newark tomorrow to pick up a new bike. It's at EMS by Christiana. Since I'm down there I was hoping to get a ride in. Will you be aout tomorrow?
    My cell is 732-995-2409. Send me a text

    Hope you had a great summer of riding!!!! Was gonna reach out to you RE this weekend, But the weather looks real crappy. Gonna hit up North instead. Would like to catch another ride soon. Told a few friends about you and how you know that place inside and out.
    Can't Make Jamboree. Let me know when might be good - weather depending
    Manny asked me to reachout to you. I will be meeting you guys down there. He did give me the intersection where you said to meet. I think we were looking at 12:00. Is that OK?
    my cell is 732-995-2409.
    Manny forgot to take your number with him

    See you Mort
    Hey Carrie, So whenever you are able to I have the Headshock of the bike... It's easier to communicate via e-mail for me...

    CYA Soon
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