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    December 2021 Volunteer Nights at Second Life Bikes

    This year wed. is the 15th Bobby!
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    Things that make you smile :)

    So no dongle and less to go wrong?
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    Things that make you smile :)

    Some say the Big A will be the undoing of our society, and they may well be, but when your 7+yr old Logitech mouse starts acting up, I challenge anyone to come up with a better solution. All these things make me smile.
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    FS: Stumpjumper FSR Comp Carbon 650b, Large - $2999

    Definitely Gock needs another FSR in his stable.
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    The December Get Outside (Or Anywhere) As Long As Your Active And Take A Picture Thread

    Move-cember! Go. Day 1- Lunch ish ride There was Sun.
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    This Thread Blows

    You guys just get back from a robbery?
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    Car-spotting thread

    Nice truck, I wood leave the boost alone for now and run it til it needs something. If the maintenance was kept up you be good. LMK where your real world MPG nets out pls.
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    Consolidating and saving the Benjamins.

    There’s your answer: Dave’s Learn-to-Weld. You can offer friendly private individual and group lessons. Like Earl Schieb- Dave can teach anyone to weld for $1995. Combine your love for welding and your love of the biking lifestyle and teach people to build frames. Or whatevs. I set you up with...
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    Biggest crash in stock market history?

    but fear and absurdity ain’t doing it for ya?
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    Interesting info about Wildcat - it rocks?

    I literally live straddling the pork roll- Taylor ham line. Fryin it up it’s Taylor Ham, then moving to the dining room it becomes pork roll.
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    Consolidating and saving the Benjamins.

    don’t forget the Camaro. And/or donuts.
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    Things that make you frown :(

    Someone’s lying
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    Group Ride Wildcat Sunday 11/21

    Maybe in for this.
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    Maxxis DHF/DHR 29er tires.

    2nd for Rekons. Ok maybe not.
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    $Free$ Lawn Mower & Snoblower Edison $Free$

    You just wanted to see Queenie.
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