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    Teak furniture repair

    on it
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    What beer are you drinking RIGHT NOW?

    gunna start here , and hopefully be able to post something about riding bikes one day.... miller highlife... in the bomber can
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    Send all your thoughts & prayers to Schilling

    my thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family Chris
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    Smelling Roses; Leaving much on the table

    that dude was a good rock climber too…RIP
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    FunMondays @ Chimney Rock

    430 is a good time….hope to see some familiar faces
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    FunMondays @ Chimney Rock

    is this happening labor day?
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    kuat sherpa rack

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    Did you go to your high school reunion?

    No not going to mine... Spence you goin? Gave Amanda your e -mail . Wink
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    Thinking about riding to work

    Being a commuter myself, i would say add miles if adds safety... Bang onto the tow path where you can... Colonial maybe? And take to new brunfis , you know the rest.
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    2011 Cannondale Flash F29

    I like this bike. Was thinking about it at work today....
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    How about Avocado?

    Sea salt and lemon juice on it
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    Newman's Lane Road Closure

    1.3 mill doesn't get you much these days. Hopefully it is dope.
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    First ticket in 18 Years

    I have gotten nailed twice in Piscataway. I was clearly guilty both times. They have adequate signage warning drivers that cameras are in use so I can't say the odds Are in their favor.... Still it's dirty. Maybe someone smarter than me can chime in about the revenue generated by these things...