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    Trail Conditions 3-6

    I'm assuming riding tomorrow will do more damage to the trails than anything since it will be sloppy.
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    Anyone ridden lately?

    Can anyone report on the trails? Considering a Saturday ride...
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    Conditions at Hartshorne/Huber?

    haven't been there in a week or two, but the red bank / middletown area does not have snow.
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    The Great Clif Bar Showdown

    i'm calling crunchy peanut butter all the way.
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    Frozen derailleur remedy?

    is there a version of this that will bit in my bike bag?! :D
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    NJ Mtb Trails GPS'd

    might want to check this tool out
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    haha, that is the most bizarre cycling device i've ever seen!
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    Recommendations on Frame damage

    fingers are crossed regarding the warranty, but my lbs seems very confident. the other part that kills me is the point on the frame where it cracked had a wear spot from the wheel. i don't know if all caad4 frames have this problem. if so, current owners should beware that the weak spot can...
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    Recommendations on Frame damage

    pictures of damage.
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    Recommendations on Frame damage

    once a cannondale, always a cannondale.
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    Recommendations on Frame damage

    called my lbs and working to have the frame replaced under warranty. will post some pics for the greater audience. and specifically mtbdawgJeff; no way a telephone pole could cause a chain/seatstay to bend away from the wheel.
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    Recommendations on Frame damage

    who knows at what angle he hit me, but it bent my right chain/seat stay 2-3 inches to the right.
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    Recommendations on Frame damage

    haha. guess next time i need to choose my words better. at any rate, it was dusk and i was riding without a light (never again; if it is even 8 hours before dusk i'm bring a light). stopped short to avoid decapitating myself and to say my buddy behind me touched the brake lever would be...
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    Recommendations on Frame damage

    I guess frames aren't built to take force from behind. Ugh!
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