Nj road and fix gear rider who is also a beginning mtb'er (well, it's been a few years now but I still feel like a beginner...getting back into it after a lapse, I was one of the original riders at watchung in 1995-6 during my senior year of high school, then a roadie since except for some odd offroading now and then at lewis morris etc. and then of course Watchung in my own hood when the signs were down... and hopefully soon again!)
Aug 16, 1978 (Age: 43)
New Joisey
Airborne & Hardrock ss converts,
Bike 2
FSR, Kona Dawg
Bike 3
Yellow 1x9 hardtail (Devinci?), Raleigh Talus 29er 650 convert
Bike 4
Old Kona Explosif steel
Favorite Trails
Lewis morris, watchung (when the signs were down December thru August), sometimes by the river behind my neighborhood (before they put new no bike signs i ride on the other side of the river where, ridiculously, it is ok lol)
Riding Style
Xc or whatever I can manage I'm no stuntrider!


"Who was that masked man?" "Oh, that's TheLonerider!"


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