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  • I'm in. I will be hitting Blue Mountain or Ringwood on Saturday. Ringwood is a lot of work so some nice flowey stuff will be noice.
    Not sure about Sat, but we're doing a road trip to Stewarts State Park in Newburgh, NY on Sunday. It's an all day thing. Wheels down by 11am for a 4+ hour ride, then off to the local boobie joint for some beers and boobs. If you haven't been to Stewarts, you should go. Fast and flowy and A LOT of fun. Let me know if interested.
    I'm around. Just got back from a drinkfest in Florida for a family wedding, so I'll be a bit "out of it". Although not confirmed, I'm guessing we (Sean & I) will be doing the typical Saturday & Sunday 8am ride. Interested in heading west???
    Yo Slim! Some riding is definitely going on this weekend. I'm going to be going to the shore one of the days but I'm sure that Burke will be on for both. We will keep you posted.
    What's up? I just finished snowshoe season last weekend so now I have to rehab my knee a little bit and get on my bike. I know my way around Ringwood a lot better now but also want to spend time out by you this year.
    Yo Slim... how you been? Springs round the corner... lotsa ridin comin down the pike... Hope all is good.
    Take care
    Hey - I don't check PM's that much so I missed this. I'll have to check here or look for your posts.
    Sorry i missed out on this opportunity. My Girlfriend and i had a pretty packed weekend, and we are traveling next weekend. Things should be calm for me after next weekend.
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