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    Which winter SCHWALBE tires ?

    I went with the Ice Spiker Pros. I had the original wheeelset from before I upgraded so I put them on there. Been out a few times and I don't regret the price tag. Grip is so much better than anything I have tried before. Best in packed snow especially if there are icy sections underneath. I...
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    Which winter SCHWALBE tires ?

    Does anyone have experience with either SCHWALBE Ice Spiker Pro HS 379 Studded or Hans Dampf Snake Skin tires ? Trying to decide what works best on a 29er this time of year on North Jeresy trails.
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    Trail Monkey Mondays

    I found a lone shovel on otter slide the other day. Yellow Handle. I stood it up so it can be seen at a distance.
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    Sterling Forest Thank You Demo Day Build, 9/24

    Is there a map of the trail published yet ?
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    Jungle Habitat Conditions

    Can someone point me to the latest map with all the new trailwork? I don't think the last Jorba published one has the latest work.
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    Airsoft items

    I'm interested too. My son is all about airsoft these days.
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    MTBNJ Store

    What is Kevin's username ? I'm in for XL shirt and socks.
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    Youth Baggy Shorts

    Thanks for the help everyone ! We'll be doing some online shopping as soon as she gets home from school. :)
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    Youth Baggy Shorts

    My 10.5 year old daughter just inherited her brother's old mountain bike. Her entire attitude about riding has changed and begs me to take her every chance she gets. WooHoo! I'm trying to find her quality padded shorts. She's a youth size 14. She's starting to get curves and refuses to wear...
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    Carbon Post slipping

    I have an Easton carbon seat post on an aluminum Superfly. The post slips as much as an inch each ride. I'm using the stock collar which is not quick release. I already degreased the seat tube and am pretty sure I am tightening the seat collar too much as it is now. Any advise ? Is Tacx Carbon...
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    2013 Superfly AL Pro Wheelset

    Bump. Going to ebay next ...
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    2013 Superfly AL Pro Wheelset

    I'm selling a never ridden wheel-set that came off my 2013 Superfly 29er. Make me a reasonable offer. Wheels: Bontrager Race Lite TLR Disc CL 29 -Tubeless Ready, 15mm front hub, 142x12mm rear hub -Cassette: HG81 10...
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    Can we stop with the "cheater" lines?

    Best Sign Ever !
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    Rumble in the Jungle news

    First time I ever raced in Mud & Rain. What a blast !
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    Mods; Regrets, Mistakes, Why Did I? Duh!

    I made the same mods on a 2006 Stumpy with a BETD linkage and longer travel fork. Wish I would have talked to you first.
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