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    Double Trouble State Park

    Double Trouble SP is adjacent to both Greenwood WMA and Forked River Mountain. @sandman knows those trails. He might even be leading another ride through there soon.
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    Document your Cars

    Learned to drive in a 1950 Ford dump truck. Almost identical to RoadKill's Stubby Bob. Down to the fact that there were no brakes other then the e-brake. After that learning experience, I owned... 1967 Buick Riviera (gold standard!); 1972 Dodge Powerwagon access cab short bed; 1979 Chevy K10...
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    Post Your Doggo [woof]

    Happy New Year!
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    What's your favorite knife (EDC)?

    TITANIUM 8" Scotch brand. Three for $12 at Costco.
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    What's your favorite knife (EDC)?

    My ECD is a small folding pocketknife, either a Buck or Gerber. Both were gifts. If I'm out on trail maintenance, I carry ZT 'Lil Field Utility Knife. It is up to the job.
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    Car-spotting thread

    Has anyone here reserved a 2021 Bronco? Black Diamond pictured.
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    Show Off Your TM

    The handsome guy on the left is @sj_john John has a full quiver of saws and years of experience. John can be found throughout sNJ using his saws to clear trail. Be like @sj_john
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    Show Off Your TM

    This is @pibbles. He has a large Council Tools Felling Axe and a heavy cross fit swing. @pibbles chops and saws, clearing the trails at Belleplain and Wharton Forests. Be like @pibbles.
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    Wharton Conditions

    A small, safely masked, socially distanced, volunteer crew, finished clearing and brushing back the TeaBerry (red) and most of the Oak Hill (white) Trails today. Both trails are good to go for this winter's riding or until the next wind storm. Whichever comes first.
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    What beer are you drinking RIGHT NOW?

    Not a beer. Mead from the Valenzano Winery on rt. 206 in Shamong.
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    Wharton Conditions

    The work continues. Earlier this week, @sj_john spent a half day sawing/clipping opening-up the TeaBerry Trail (Red Bike). Today @pibbles spent the better part of a day completing the brush back of the northern leg (above the green FireTower Trail) of the Oak Hill Trail (White Bike). Thanks guys!
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    Wharton Conditions

    2020 Six Day FireArm Deer Hunting Season is December 7-12. You do not want to be in the forest that week. More NJ hunting regs/dates at
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    There are facilities, if there no facilities, go far out of sight.

    Janice posted that FB post. Which drove me to that *females care* interpretation. That... and one day in the Batsto lot. I saw a bicyclist get called out by a grandmom walking with her grandkids.
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    There are facilities, if there no facilities, go far out of sight.

    Looking for a place to drop this post. But most of those posts were closed. Attached is a screenshot of a FB post from a non-bicycling FB group. FYI: If you're pulling out your manhood near any parking lot, someone is going to see it. Maybe its someone's daughter, sister, mom, or grandmom. I...