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    Hardtail Talk!!

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    Hardtail Talk!!

    I have that 2021 Giant Fathom 1. Love it. It’s stock right now except for Ergon GA3 grips and Ergon Enduro seat. The bike is already pretty well hooked up for me. It comes with the SX components, except the derail which is NX.
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    2021 Giant Crest fork

    Hey Everyone, just wanted to spit this out there for the info. I picked up a 2021 Giant Fathom with the “new” Crest 34 fork. Got out for one ride and noticed a knocking sound coming from the front end. Checked the thru axle, caliper mounting, stem etc. all was good. I narrowed it down to the...
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    Steroid injections for bike-induced Carpal Tunnel

    I also have suffered with CT and I’m onto my 5th trigger finger release surgery coming up in 2 weeks. The cortisone shots gave a little relief, but it all came right back in about a month. The CT release was the noticeable improvement. You don’t realize how much is tied into that nerve section...
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    2010 trek ex7 $250. SOLD

    So...would that be a 18.5 or 19.5? Are the rims "tubeless compatible" that you could run tubes in them or just straight up tubeless?
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    Ride Bike Shop, Andover, NJ

    I’ve been using Chris and Scott exclusively since they opened. All the previous comments are on point! Chris has always helped me with any questions or information with out trying to “sell” me something. His work is excellent & honest. They have both gone above and beyond for my kids as well...
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    Lower 48? Ah... a dogsledder! Looks like a nice ride GLWS!
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    WTB For Kid: Small 26er or 29er Good Parts Spec, Good Condition, Non COVID19 Pricing

    Yes, I am still looking. My budget right now is topping out at about $500. Looks like a sweet ride! Thanks.
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    WTB For Kid: Small 26er or 29er Good Parts Spec, Good Condition, Non COVID19 Pricing

    Hey everyone, I’m the “friend in need” of a new bike for my son. Looking for good components/forks/disc brakes on a trail or all mountain hardtail. I would not shy away from a FS either. 26”, 27.5” or 29” wheels. Budget is $400-500. My son is 5ft, so frame size should be a small. Thanks.
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    SOLD Fuji Tahoe Pro

    PM sent.
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    SOLD Gary Fisher Genesis 2

    PM sent.
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