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    H2H Races

    here you go.
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    2015 Lewis Morris Challenge

    thinking about pre-riding today around 4 or so if anyone wants to join
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    Handlebar height

    ok so i guess i got to take a day to go out and play around with the settings on that then, and see that works for me. Yeah right now I got a 600mm flat bar. couldn't really get used to the 700mm i had prior.
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    Handlebar height

    Awesome thanks. Guess ill have to read that article a few more times
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    Handlebar height

    What is the advantage of dropping the height on the handlebars other than making your bike more uncomfortable to ride? right now I'm about flushed with the seat height. I started racing this season and I was wondering if there's and actual advantage to dropping the bars more and if so what would...
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    Riding with music

    I usually play music out of my phone inside my camelback. I try not to play it to loud because I want to be able to hear someone coming up from behind or whatever. A little DragonForce never slowed down anyone
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    Hello eveyone

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    Newbie in the house...

    Welcome! I'm over in Little Falls, I usually go out to the tourne, 6MR, lewis morris, Allamuchy, dickerson preserve. This Sunday im heading up to wawayanda around 10am with some friends. You are welcome to come
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    Bear sighting last Sunday

    yeah i've seen the one at the tourne. he/she pretty much just hangs around. about 2 1/2 feet to the shoulder. Also saw a family of bears at Mtcreek for last year's scramble. don't bother them they wont bother you. just try to make sure you don't catch them coming around a bend and spook them
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    Tymor Park - Thursday 5/28 Morning

    Yeah according to the link it simply says pre-ride saturday only because it's a private park. Does anyone know if there's an organized ride on saturday or if we can simply show up and ride saturday?
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    Pre-ride, Thursday, 4/30/2015 WAWAYANDA Race Course

    Hey I'm planing on joining for the group ride this afternoon. Where is the boathouse parking lot at? Also would lights be necessary?
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    Roll call: H2H #2 Wawayanda Spring Cleaning

    I'm planning to check out the course this afternoon maybe like around 3pm. Hopefully some other time this week too.
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    H2H Race #1: Mooch Madness Pre-Ride Info (Group ride Thursday 6PM)

    anyone riding the course tomorrow. Thinking about going there around 1pm
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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    Any idea how it is out there today? Thinking about 6mile or Lewis morris
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