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    JORBA fundraiser / Ringwood ride.

    Same here, and I'm local.
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    OOS Post away!

    She was. it wasn’t physically hard, I didn’t break a sweat. I just want to apologize with the park management for denting a few rocks and a tree...
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    OOS Post away!

    I think that was the set time.
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    OOS Post away!

    @BPaze , @MaxiBSplat i don’t know the place, can you post the ride on strava?
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    OOS Post away!

    Never. She’s hitching to go...
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    OOS Post away!

    @MaxiBSplat , can you post the ride on Strava ? I’m seriously thinking to join you guys.
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    OOS Post away!
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    OOS Post away!

    There’s a group ride on 10/20, You should try and make it.
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    OOS Post away!

    You did not ride the whole way down to long meadows, I believe you only did the short test loop.
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    im the noob

    Nobody thought an helicopter at the bottom of Mt. St.Anne would be a good idea, ask Brook McDonald!
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    OOS Post away!

    This. I haven’t been riding with @MaxiBSplat since 6MR but I don’t think @TimBay would have any problem to keep up with him.
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    Long ride Saturday? Maybe ringwood to sterling, or 3 Parker mooch, deer and Stephens?

    Is this thing getting any traction and where? Is Ringwood still a possibility?
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    Urologist hate this guy with one simple trick, diy vasectomy find out how

    I'll offer my opinion for what is worth, also based on a short stint in the military (1 mandatory year, spent in the Italian Military Police). The military is not for everybody. It can be a great form of education for some and very disrupting for others, like most everything else is not a...
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    Jim's training thread

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    The what new bike are you considering thread

    You should double check life expectancy of incarnated deities before proclaiming yourself as such...