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    Things that make you frown :(

    Just another day at the office.
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    It's not sunny down there. Too much ash in the sky from their burning amazon rain forests.
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    Dakotas = Low Vitamin D :popcorn:
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    Snoped what? The article posted before from a scientific study or my comment? My comment is based on the fact that there has been no appreciable amount of transfer from outdoor contact unless it's extended face to face or indoor is part of the outdoor. Such as an outdoor party and then people...
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    Sadly it's been kind of known for awhile. Pushing the masks didn't help in the end as it lead a lot of people to let down their guard and be OK talking near each other in confined spaces.
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    Where's the hospital Covid intake rate and deaths chart for Florida? Isn't that the concern? We'll see a huge drop in the cases once the Vaccines fully roll out and we have a warm summer.
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    Car-spotting thread

    That's my brother. Towing his boat with his brodozer.
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    Advice for a mtb-friendly Airbnb host in Southern VT

    A) Give them a place to bring the bikes into. Otherwise you'll end up with muddy bikes inside your place regardless. Unless I'm at some place down a long hidden driveway where I'm comfortable locking the bikes to the car rack, the bikes are going inside. Outdoor sheds work well for this...
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    Snapped Water Bottle Cage Bolt

    This is the correct advise. If it's just overtightened and not seized, a left-hand drill bit will probably catch it and unscrew it.
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    The DIY thread - DIYourself

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    Why active strain if the mRNA is only the spike protein? Shouldn't that cover any variant as that's the particular attribute of the virus that makes it unique?
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    People should be more afraid of getting into a car accident on the way to the vaccine, than the shot itself.
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    The Cryptocurrency and blockchain thread

    Aren't the current fees on Bitcoin way higher than Amex/Visa/Etc?
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    fork, shock, and frame linkage maintenance?

    Yeah. But depending on usage, it's not a big deal to do a general seal kit on the rear shock mid-season, and send it out for a full service over the winter. Same with the fork. Lower service is pretty easy. Can easily do a lower service and hit most of the uppers with the exception of a full...
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    fork, shock, and frame linkage maintenance?

    It's why I try to do the maintenance during the winter. Or myself.
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