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    Lost Dog - keep an eye out!
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    Screeching disc brake

    220 sandpaper to the rotors.
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    God I love Craigslist.......

    I got a half filled bottle just like that, will let it go for...say....$4700. PM me.
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    Mercer County Park Conditions

    No, long gone.
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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    @WJF that was a ton of work you did today, thank you!!
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    Mercer County Park Conditions

    Trails are all clear, however do be careful. Things are still creaking and falling (example, a huge treetop broke off and fell about 50 feet away from me while moving that vine on the volleyball entrance yesterday). There are a few leaners/widowmakers that are scary out there. Work you guys...
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    Sterling Forest Trail Conditions

    assume it was your fastest time on that loop today? :oops:
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    SpaceX Crew Falcon Launch

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    Mercer County Park Conditions

    Depends, but mostly no. More folks that shouldn't be are in the woods like everywhere, but there are plenty of places to get away and be alone. There are a couple locals here more than willing to provide a proper tour. Place can suck/be boring if you don't know your way around, as there are a...
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    Mercer County Park Conditions

    Not so sure that sign is accurate as there were several folks out on the lake the last two times I was there. Park website still lists boating as an acceptable activity.
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    Mad bee in the helmet

    I got stung once, walking, by a bumble bee on my eyelid...I still find joy in the thought of his slow painful death shortly thereafter.
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    Mad bee in the helmet

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    Outdoor kitchen

    and don't forget the BBQ sauce..... Well for Mice, you need to clean with bleach and do a thorough job. Mice carry many diseases, including Hantavirus which kills over 40% of the people that get it....significantly more deadly than the COVID-19 virus.
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    Outdoor kitchen

    plan for mice and birds. Any hole of any size will be used by critters...even if you think you have it sealed and keep things clean, for some reason birds and mice still love my outdoor grill. My wife is currently cleaning mouse droppings and a nest with babies out of our grill. Was...