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    2018 Yeti SB5+ TURQ, Medium, Custom Build and Graphics SOLD!

    sounds like the new Santa Cruz e bike...
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    2018 Yeti SB5+ TURQ, Medium, Custom Build and Graphics SOLD!

    what'd you get this time? this looks buttery! glws
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    New to trails, Newish to Jersey

    Bikes and parts are really hard to find FOR SHOPS. Shops go through suppliers and I don't think are allowed to just buy parts off eBay or amazon. Not sure what a broken rear axle means. Is it the rear dropouts or frame? is it literally just the skewer? Unless the frame is damaged you can replace...
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    2017 Yeti SB5.5 complete bike $3500

    omg those pedals also: would you part the shock?
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    Ultimate Pro Truing Stand TRS-80R BNIB - $40 OBO

    you still have this? buddy taco'd a wheel this weekend and was asking about a stand
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    Gaming Laptop: Acer Predator 17. i7-7700hq GTX1070 8gb - $850 with extras!

    Hey all, I have a casually used Acer Predator 17 gaming laptop for sale. This thing is a monster and was purchased just under 3 years ago for $1749 from amazon. Asking $850 Other specs include 256gb SSD with a 1tb HDD. 16GB ram, 17.3" 75hz 1080p display. This computer is a tank and weighs in...
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    Newb question on pro gear

    I started wearing my full face because IDGAF and the added safety can keep me out of the hospital where the 'rona lives.
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    Newb question on pro gear

    I ride: MIPS helmet for safety - Bell Super DH Full finger gloves - Fox Ranger Gel Knee Pads always - IXS Flow Anything else is fine. I'd recommend a padded liner to save your bum and keep all the parts together but wear it under mesh shorts and I normally ride in a tank to show off the guns...
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    minions and high rollers

    2.5DHF/2.4DHR2 for HM all day 3c maxx terra exo, not DD but my buddy rides the same setup DD (he's a masochist)
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    That's the one i lied about
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    Lock it up! Found a bike Hey all, My GF is looking to get into biking cuz she can't go to the gym and hates that I get to go outside and play. She's probably looking in the $400-500 range but that just cuz I lied about how much I spent on my bike. Has to be small frame with 650 or 29 wheels...
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    Hi, new guy here, Montclair area, looking for riding friends

    once you get a taste for rocks you won't want anything else. Happy to give you tours of Lewis Morris, Tourne, Ringwood, and High Mountain. In that order probably
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    2017 Yeti Sb5.5 Medium $2500

    should probably be in the bits and pieces section not full bikes. almost had a heart attack thinking you were unloading the whole thing for 2500.