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    Wanted: Thule Roof Rack/bars/kayak holders,etc.

    I appreciate this, as im having a hard time debating if i should spend close to $1000 for thule rack and kayak holders, especially when I dont use them that often either. Im usually the type of person to pay extra for the quality upfront, but like i said this wont be getting much use at all. My...
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    Wanted: Thule Roof Rack/bars/kayak holders,etc.

    Currently about to buy a bunch of Thule stuff for the roof of my grand Cherokee - a bit more $ than I expected to drop if I buy brand new. I have a hitch rack for my bike, this stuff im honestly buying more for kayaks for now, but may end up holding bikes in the future on them too. About to buy...
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    New here...hello from West Milford

    Hi everyone. New to the area. Just moved to West Milford, NJ - looking for some riding buddies, advice where to ride, etc... Im 28, grew up in Massachusetts. I have been riding for as long as I can remember. I was HUGE into freeriding and downhill racing since I was a kid - Used to travel all...
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