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    High Bridge: NJ’s first professionally built flow trails on public land.

    As for Nassau it's open year round weather permitting. Ridden there when it was frozen - just as fun. I know nothing of pump track, not my wheelhouse.
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    Good for a kid?

    Nassau definitely kid friendly - I ride there!. Lol, in all seriousness, Nassau is a fun flowy place, see lots of NICA kids riding there-really nice to see. Other places that are kid-friendly, with a little time and don't mind the drive, are Deer Park and KVSP. Those two places are a step up...
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    Shout Out Thanks @ Waywayanda

    Heal up @Dingo. Glad me and Ryan were there to help you get out. And a huge thanks to the two riders, total strangers to us, who stopped and immediately offered to help. Without them I'm not sure the two of us could've gotten you safely over those two huge trees within a foot of each other.
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    Post your BooBoo's

    That sucks, glad it wasn't as bad as it coulda been. Braided line is nasty - learned early to always wear gloves when using braided line, especially if going for blues.
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    Post your BooBoo's

    If you saw me outside of my mtbnj name, you'd know me, lol. Ridden a lot of races at Waway, including a few Bearscat50 endurance events, and always ran into you and talked. Been riding Wawayanda 20 years with legends like Jim Clawson and Dick Cooper.
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    Post your BooBoo's

    Iggy - it was great seeing you guys too, at all places on Thirsty Dog. I still laugh when I remember you calling down to me, as I'm walking my bike, "Hey Mark, are you training for cyclocross?" Yep, although @Dingo didn't get hurt on crazy stuff, I've gotten hurt enough times to walk stuff I'm...
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    Jungle Habitat Ride Reccomendation

    Ah yes, thank you.
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    Post your BooBoo's

    Pete, with all due respect, we know Red Dot is not a fire road. However, the section we were on was well past Nature Jim's Bridge, well past anything technical on Red, and on the wider sections that lead to camping area, just a freak wreck. As always, appreciate your trail updates and trail...
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    High Mountain Conditions

    Park at circle, well, before or after circle since we're not allowed to park at the actual circle....That will get you to Ancients, or Circle Switch to other great trails. Or, park at Water Tower at the end of Sanderling Road to get to the classic Junkyard, Glass, Indians, etc. Since no trails...
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    Jungle Habitat Ride Reccomendation

    Park at bottom gate (don't think gate is open to drive up). Ride past gate, past very first kiosk, and take a left and immediate right - the middle Animal Chute. Pop out into big parking lot, go diagonal to right across lot to pick up Warthog (tamest trail). At fence opening at bottom, go right...
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    Chimney Rock Conditions

    Is there a potential go-around? Don't necessarily want to see bees get killed just for being bees., they do what bees do. Hurts like a mother, but we're in their environment. Leave them be, or is that bee? or is that bea? Love the nuances of our adopted language.
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    Chimney Rock Conditions

    Thanks Kirt for the info. Not too big a deal for me, not allergic, also don't really want to be stung either. My friend Ryan got stung about 7 times at Ringwoood. he's not allergic either, just feel like you got out of a boxing match., and it hurts..
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    Chimney Rock Conditions

    @Kirt - where on Yellow are the hornets, and are they still there? Thanks.
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    Wawayanda State Park Conditions

    To confirm, Red Dot was a disaster, lots of trees down. Wanted to take Sitting Bear to lot but was too tired and thought Red was easier out. Shoulda read Pete's post.
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    Wawayanda Down Trees - Intel? Crowd Sourcing Your Observations...

    True, driving on the roads is more dangerous than riding. I haven't ridden either of them in awhile, but I don't remember The Wall as being difficult. SplitRock has some sketchy stuff but overall no more dangerous than any other trail there. I've had a bunch of friends that got hurt at 6 Mile!