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    Mavic XM 819's w/ DT Swiss comp spokes & Chris King QR Hubs

    Used completely true / straight Mavic XM 819 laced with DT Swiss White competition spokes and black alloy nipples to front and rear matching blue Chris King ISO QR Hubs. The tires are 6 months old, with about 25- 30 miles on them. The wheels are off of my back up bike. The Chris King Hubs...
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    28.14lbs Santa Cruz Blur LT w/ Pushed rear shock

    Santa Cruz Blur LT 2.1 Large 1X10 Setup $4600.00 Build price, selling for $3,300.00 This bike was a build project done over the last 9 months. It has a total 15 miles as a shake down run...and it rides great and climbs like a billy goat! All of the Saint components were installed on...
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    2012 Trek Rumblefish Pro 19.5 / Large

    Low Miles & Lower Hours:cry: I bought this beauty with the intentions to ride all of the time. Up until this purchase, I was on my hard tail 4-7 times a week. Then life hit me and I just do not have the time. The bike was purchased New Years of 2012 from a great shop in Montclair, NJ...
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