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    2020 Fox Transfer Dropper

    hey, do you happen to know the total length? I need a longer dropper but that might be too long.
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    27.5 2.6 minion DHF

    seconds if that doesn't work out
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    how to be come a member of JORBA?

    Man... that’s be cool.
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    Pivot 429 Trail....Red (Large) SOLD

    Lol I was just saying that cuz it’s a large though.
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    Pivot 429 Trail....Red (Large) SOLD

    Oh well, my 5’2” self will no longer be interested.
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    Pivot 429 Trail....Red (Large) SOLD

    And price
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    Yakima Trunk Rack Parts - FREEEEEEE

    Can we see the beach chair holder?
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    Anyone want a manual machine?

    That’s a shame I have 2.8’s. I’ll just use my buddy’s.
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    Anyone want a manual machine?

    How much? My friend had one and they’re super fun. Also what’s the max tire size.
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    looking for a 31.6 x 125 dropper

    Internal, cable actuated, thanks!
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    Take offs - Raceface - Santa Cruz - Fat Hubs

    Interested in saddle. I’ll pm.
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    Got bars?

    Those should work how much, or I could trade you tires or a stem?
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    Got bars?

    Nah sorry
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    Got bars?

    I'm looking for a very cheap pair of mtb bars with a backsweep greater than 8º. My current bars are 760mm so that or a bit longer would be fine and give or take 15mm rise. NO CARBON. My idea was having a bar with more backsweep would put less pressure on my thumbs when pedaling along, which...
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    Thule Hitch Rack, for 2" receiver

    Sweet Range Rover! 👌
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