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    the journey of the boar in years 2013 - ......

    Can you smell the ocean yet? Great job you are "THE GNAR". Thanks to your pictures and stories I don't have to pedal across America! What a great adventure,thanks again and continued good riding conditions.
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    The Joy of Mountain Biking

    Happy Birthday Joy! Wishes for many more happy and healthy years ahead!
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    Not In Service Log?

    OK, now we know how your ride went, how'd the noob do!
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    OOS Post away!

    What time? not getting any takers for Lew Mo tomorrow. Might stay local.
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    OOS Post away!

    Beta noob? fireroads are parched have fun... did Ancients today.
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    OOS Post away!

    2 loops around Lew Mo CW/CCW then hit Patriots Path for some recon. 21/2-3 hours
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    Novatech Wheels

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    Not In Service Log?

    Pay per View at pennies to the dollar!
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    OOS Post away!

    What time would these ride be starting? Thanks
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    Strava Escape Plan - MTBNJ challenge?

    In, call answered! Let's get it on!
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    OOS Post away!

    Paul I know a young lady that would fit that bike perfectly...
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    OOS Post away!

    We got a Quik Chek or something right by Exit 30 right? If that is good. Around 8:00 am like stated and I'll call you when I get close to exit 30.
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    OOS Post away!

    @serviceguy and @Mtbdog will be in attendance, looking at one of the 9:15 start time with @JimN Hope to see ya there!
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    10th Annual Cranks Around the Campfire Mountain Biking Festival

    Coney Island Pizza in Riverdale? Weren't they at Jorbafest?