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    Lost Garmin & Glove

    On Saturday 7/24 my son lost his Garmin Forerunner 35 and one glove. We think he might have dropped them in the caretaker parking lot. LMK if you saw something.
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    Parson's Pond Park - Bergen County's Newest Trail Dig

    Bumping this back up from the depths. There will be an opening ceremony on 4/27 at 1:30pm. I'll be working any time the weather isn't raining for the next two weeks. There will be an official session on 4/20 from 2:00pm to 5:00pm. Work will include raking leaves to cutting the last few bench...
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    Parson's Pond Park - Bergen County's Newest Trail Dig

    Weather looks like its holding out, we are on for today
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    Parson's Pond Park - Bergen County's Newest Trail Dig

    6/23 TM. 9:00 will be final grading the last portion of the loop that was started last year.
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    Weekly north jersey rides for 4-7 year olds!

    PPP will be kid friendly. I'm aiming to have the first loop finished by 7/1. The loop will be about 3/4 of a mile. 2nd loop that's started should double that distance.
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    Team Bulldog Cycle Craft Beginner MTB Clinic

    Team Bulldog Cycle Craft will be hosting a beginner MTB Clinic on June 9th at the Tourne Park. Brand new to MTB? Been riding for a few years? Come out to hone your skills or pick up a few new ones. All are welcome.
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    Why is H2H hurting when MASS is doing well?

    If you know how to build a better mousetrap, please build it and let everyone play. Some on here have stepped up big time and brought new races to the area. Anyone that wants to understand the complexities behind the the H2H series, reach out to the series coordinator. New ideas are welcome...
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    2018 lawn maintenance thread Watch some of his videos
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    Parsons Pond Trail Clean Up

    Come join JORBA & the Parson's Pond Park Commission on 4/21 at 9:00am to clean up the new trail system. This clean up is being run in conjunction with the Franklin Lakes Environmental Commission. Additional details are available here: Since this is our first TM...
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    H2H Categories

    Email the promoter for the upcoming race. They make the final call.
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    H2H Categories

    XC and Endurance are different classes. Points you earn in XC count towards the XC title. Points you ear in endurance count towards the endurance title. Points do not get combined.
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    H2H Categories

    All of last years results are here: Decisions to change categories were based off of last years numbers. What is the minimum number of racers each category should have?
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    PNC bank stole all my 2017 photo earnings, or is it an option to switch to a donation based system?

    Its worth a shot
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    The Cryptocurrency and blockchain thread

    Has anyone looked into running your own masternode?
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    H2H Racer Survey 2017

    The H2H Promoters meeting is coming up this week. Please fill out the attached survey and send it over to anyone that might have stopped racing the H2H series. H2H Survey
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